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HRD Minister Ramesh Kumar Pokhriyal wrote an article, augmenting the Jal Shakti Campaign. On the occasion of the year anniversary of the campaign, the article announces the successful completion of its preliminary year. The article titled “One Student One Tree” discloses the various schemes and achievements of the central government regarding the environment.

He told that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has emerged one of the leading countries to fight against global warming and climate change.

While granting the 2018 ‘Champions of the Earth’ award to Prime Minister Modi, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres commended his sensible leadership.

Adding further, he asserted, Prime Minister Modi not only acknowledges, knows, and understands the advantages of taking action to stop global warming but also acts with enormous energy to make this change. And this leadership is today more crucial than ever.

Due to India’s tradition, the culture of nature preservation and conservation has been deep-rooted in our hearts. In this way, India has set an example for other developing countries as well.

The Bishnoi Movement of the 1700s and the Chipko Movement of the 1970s are instances of how our people have time and again put up their voices for environmental interests. Our people have always found innovative ways to encourage environmental protection. The Maiti Andolan of the 1990s illustrates how cultural exercises of marriage can be completed with sensitization towards the environment. With the due course of time, we have embraced our values and responsibilities towards the environment, he added further.

He also disclosed about different initiatives he had taken under his CM tenure. As Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, he launched the “Van Panchayat Scheme” to ensure public participation in conserving forests from forest fires.

Further, to ensure a tab on the pollution level in our National River Ganga, I had inaugurated the Sparsh Ganga campaign which was later honored with the 2019 Champions of Change Award. As I took the role of HRD minister, I have given my top preference to combine education with environment conservation and preservation.

On 20th July 2019, HRD ministry in collaboration with PM Modi commenced the “One Student One Tree” Campaign.


The campaign was launched comprehending the critical role education plays an imperative for enabling the transformation towards better environmentally sustainable societies. Acquainting students with environmental awareness and sustainable practices during their education years can help in the formation of conscious citizens for the future who are conscious of preserving the habitat.

The campaign strived at involving students in raising the saplings to bring them closer to the natural environment, help them understand the natural procedures of germination, and feel the joy of gazing saplings grow.

HRD Minister to launch counseling helpline, Manodarpan on 21st July

The campaign proved successful. Till its one year anniversary, more than 1 crore trees have been planted by pupils across the schools and institutes of higher education. The huge victory of the campaign is evident in the fact that education saluted with environment conservation can help to create coming environmental leaders.



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