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Semester exams are coming? Not prepared? Well, don’t stress about it. These are some tips on how to get prepare and score more. Have a check to the list and All the very best for the exams.

1. Collect all notes from class topper- Take help from your class topper, ask them to share their notes with you. They are the one with everything important.

2. Make notes on your own- Don’t just depend upon the work of others, make your own notes for studying and while studying, it will help you to remember everything you studied.

3. Flashcards for learning- Use of flashcards in studies would be a smart idea, they just not only help reminding things, but also keeps a track on your previous studies.

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4. Print out copies of syllabus- Take out the print of all your syllabus before, you get down to study. It will work as a director throughout the preparation.

5. Break down syllabus into parts and sections- Split the syllabus into parts and list it according to the weightage. It will help to focus on relevant parts primarily.

6. Distribute appropriate time- Allocate time to each section and try to cover it up within the allocated time.

7. Practice previous year questions- Analyze previous year’s question paper, because they help you to understand the pattern of the subject’s question paper. The more you practice the more is the probability of scoring high marks with ease.

8. Keep stock of backup stuffs ready- You should always keep a stock ready of stuffs like regular medicines, caffeine, snacks etc. These things will help you to keep occupied in studies with forte.

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9. Balance everything- While preparing for your exams, do not skip with your sleep and food. It is very necessary for you to keep yourself sound, both mentally and physically to perform well in exam.

10. Take care of yourself- No matter what you do take care of yourself because at the end of it all what matters the most is you.

        By- Niharika Sonkar


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