Preparing for India’s prime examination “UPSC” does not only requires hard work & determination but needs you to be emotionally and mentally stable as well. If you are not confident and motivated from within, you will lack focus and that will ultimately affect your preparation adversely. While preparing for prestigious post such as IAS, you are constantly under the pressure for excelling, fear of failure, over expectations by family & friends and your other personal issue hampers your dedication and focus towards it. No wonder, solutions of NCERT Books PDFare the key players but there are certain things which you need to inculcate in your routine to stay motivated.Here I am sharing very easy tips which will not make happy but will also motivate you to jump start the preparation with double strength.

Table of Contents

1.    Good Study Mates

Solutions of NCERT BooksPDF are sufficient for your first level of your preparation. But in order to go in deep, you require application intensive training, for which you have to join some coaching classes.  If you are staying in a PG or hostel for your preparation, choose your roommates who are actually serious about the thing. It should not be such that you are roaming around in the city and enjoying at the cost of studying. Mind my words you will regret later.

2.    Make a routine or time table

Divide your syllabus into the milestones and set a timetable for that. Keep a backup-space for revision at the weekend. Make sure to strictly follow it and never let distractions hamper your routine. You can go for small meetups with friends on weekends.

3.    Don’t compare yourself with others

This is the biggest fact of life and key to happiness. Comparing yourself to your fellow mates and other competitors will make you low, depressed, jealous and indeed furious. And this will automatically be reflected in your behavior. Believe that no two personas are same. Identify your strengths which will act as your biggest asset and will help you curb your weakness.

4.    No to social Media

Explore internet to gain knowledge and not stalking friends on Facebook / Twitter and other social media sites. Remember, you are in process of creating a history and all social media will divert you from your actual goal.

5.    Motivation from family

Personally speaking, if you have a good& understanding family, then they will motivate you in every decision you make and will never you down. You should make them clear that they should not have high expectations for you. Expect to qualify the exam, but expectation to qualify the exams with good or top ranks should not be there.

6.    Take small breaks

If you feel tired while studying continuously, take small breaks and do the activity that reenergizes you such as listening music or watering the plants, reading a newspaper, painting your nails etc.

7.    Reward yourself

Suppose you have completed a chapter before time or you have secured good marks in the mock test thenreward yourself. Reward can be anything which you usually don’t perform such as eating a full length pizza, or asking mom to prepare your favorite dish which you have been longing from many days. For girls, best rewarding thing would be shopping a new book, dress or shoes.

8.    Never say die

It may happen, you feel dissatisfied with the course of events happening in your life or family, but always believe that every phase of life is short-lived. You will automatically recover from that. Never the let the spirit of “Never Say Die” attitude fade away from your life. This will keep you motivated from within.

9.    Watch a motivational video

Watching a motivational video on weekend or before going to sleep will act as a stress buster. You will feel refreshed and double motivated. These videos work as magic and lift up your dying spirit.

10.        Be optimistic

You should stay positive under any situation. Greet failures with smile as they have taught you a new lesson and helped you to know your mistakes. Failure makes an individual more alert in committing mistakes and takes you a step close to perfection. So, you should stay optimistic and happy, that whatever happens has certainly has something good hidden in it.

Prepare for atleast six months and stay connected with the current affairs till the final round i.e. Personal Interview. You never know, you may be asked a question of that day itself in order to judge whether you read the newspaper or not.

Last but not the least, before going to the exam; seek the blessings of parents, teachers and God. The power of these blessings can prove to be luck turners as these act as good luck charms for you.


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