It is usual for people to want to make money. Humans are natural entrepreneurs. At least, it’s a standard survival scheme.

If setting up your own business, fixing schedules yourself, helping others attain good health and wellness as well as making money appeals to you, a career with your wellness coach certification is perfect for you.

For example, you’re in a perfect position to tell people the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

You might wonder how it is possible to make money as a wellness coach. The first answer that comes to mind is that there are 9-5 jobs available in almost every organization that applies to you. The wellness of every employee is fundamental. Therefore, you can take on roles that will benefit these employees.

However, if you’re determined to get more out of your accredited wellness coach certification and earn more money, there are different roles you can take on, solely or simultaneously.

Here are eight ways you can make more money with your wellness coach certification.

Private coaching

People desire to achieve total wellness always, but it’s not that simple. It takes having the right knowledge, discipline, and accountability to achieve it. As a certified wellness coach, you can take up one-on-one coaching with clients who need your help.


You shall act as a guide and motivate them too. Similarly, you’ll be their accountability partner. You’ll help them discard bad habits and embrace good ones.


A rule of thumb is that six months is perfect for private coaching with your client. Therefore, the client should witness tremendous positive changes in that length of time.

Events speaker

There are lots of events set up for health and wellness purposes. People want to get the best out of their lives. Also, different organizations organize talks, symposia, conferences, and other related events that dwell on people’s health and wellness.

As a certified wellness coach, you possess adequate information on how people can improve their health and wellness. Also, you understand the importance of physical education.


Therefore, you can take on a speaking role as the expert that you are.

When you speak at events, it’s likely that you’ll get more clients from the events.

Corporate coaching

Enhancing productivity is the best way to achieve great results in the workplace. However, for a worker to be productive, he/she must achieve wellness and have a sound mind.

Employers want their employees to achieve focus, remain energetic, and maintain the best health because they understand how important it is to their work. In this light, they employ health and wellness coaches to get the best out of their workers.

A wellness coach can highlight the importance of mental health.

You might have to go on a weekly or monthly basis to have a group and one-on-one sessions with workers.

Developing health and wellness products

There is no one in a better position to make healthy products than someone who understands the importance of maintaining good health and the complexities that surround it.

Since you boast of a wealth of knowledge and know the right solutions for people, you should develop wellness products people of different ages and structures can use to maintain total wellness.

The products might come in the form of food and beverages, skincare products, clothing, or technology. Whatever it is, ensure it’s designed to improve the overall wellness of your target audience.

Work with a gym or wellness center

You might have wrongly thought that a gym is for purely physical activities. Well, that’s not correct. Gym activities transcend into more than just physical. Your mental state needs to be in good condition for your physical workout activities to be productive.

Besides that, you cannot engage in just any physical activity, especially when you have a target. It is why gyms and other wellness centers employ the services of a wellness coach to help people achieve their goals.

As a wellness coach, your duty is to recommend workout drills that will benefit people’s objectives. Also, you need to help them do away with habits that can impede them from achieving the desired.

Host online webinars

The best way to reach people is via the internet. There are over three billion active internet users. Also, it isn’t location-dependent or race restrictive. You can host online webinars or workshops where you can offer your audience invaluable tips on how they can achieve total wellness.

Furthermore, you can soft sell relevant products and services to your audience if you have any to offer. Your webinar can be free or paid depending on what you want. However, for starters, you can make it free. When you become an authority, you can upgrade to paid sessions.

Be a wellness writer

As a writer, there are limitless opportunities for you to reach your intended audience. Therefore, you can sign up to be a wellness writer. You can create your blog or guest post on another person’s blog.

If you’re just starting, we recommend guest posting while building your blog. You can link your blog to the articles on a popular blog. With time, people will take notice of your craft.

Apart from blogging, you can write for daily or weekly tabloids in their health section.

Furthermore, you can write eBooks or hard copies people can purchase and read when necessary. These books need to contain valuable information that will serve as guides.

Group coaching

We mentioned private coaching earlier on. You can be a wellness coach for groups that require your services. We recommend the same timeframe as private coaching. The major difference is the absence of one-on-one coaching.

As a group wellness coach, you shall provide your services to a group of individuals. It’s usually cheaper for the group and that’s why people opt for it.


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