Summers every year hotter with temperatures at the limit of endurance, lead more and more people to the decision to install a wall air conditioner. The market offers a wide range of models divided between various price ranges, to meet any need.

Often, faced with so much availability, the decision on what to buy is very difficult. To make a thoughtful choice that fully satisfies your needs, it is advisable to know the characteristics and peculiarities that a dual split air conditioner must have.

  1. Electric consumption

Unlike the portable monobloc air conditioners, the dual split air conditioner consists of a motor unit to be installed outside, and two fixed elements that are mounted on the wall, in the rooms to be air conditioned.

An appliance of this type can remain in operation all year round, providing cooling in the hot months and integrating the heating system in the colder ones. All this involves consumption which, especially for the refrigeration phase, can significantly affect the costs in the bill.

In order to have a clear idea of ​​electrical needs, the consumer can use the energy label required by law since 2013. On this document, the most important value is represented by the energy efficiency class. Seven colored segments with relative letters clearly indicate how virtuous the appliance is from the point of view of consumption.

Class A +++ is the one that guarantees the greatest savings. For a dual split air conditioner, the values ​​indicated are separate for the refrigeration and heating phase. There is another important data to consider, represented by the average annual consumption expressed in kWh / year. The energy label allows the consumer to compare the various models and, at the same price, choose the one with the lowest consumption.

Deciding to spend less for a product with an efficiency class that is not particularly virtuous is a risk that can be counterproductive in the long run: the savings on the initial price will almost certainly be canceled out by the higher costs in the bill.

An economic alternative to air conditioners are ceiling fans or domestic evaporative coolers, with which it is possible to save on the purchase price and on consumption in the bill, but they are appliances that do not guarantee the same results, because they are not able to dehumidify. the air.

  1. Cooling power

Another aspect to consider is the cooling power. This value is expressed in BTU / h (British Thermal unit per hour). How do you know the right value to meet your needs? In principle, considering that about 340 BTU / h are needed to cool a square meter, these values ​​can be taken as a reference:

  • 9000 BTU / h for rooms of 25-30 square meters;
  • 12000 BTU / h for rooms of 35-40 square meters;
  • 18000 BTU / h for rooms over 40 square meters.

Keeping these data in mind, you can choose the air conditioner avoiding errors that can compromise good air conditioning.

  1. Functions and air quality

Just like a famous advertising slogan said, the same thing can be said for wall-mounted air conditioners. We have seen how the cooling power is an important value. However, it is essential to be able to manage it better through the features offered by the product.

Having a timer available to set automatic switching on and off in the various established time bands or the possibility of remote control via smartphone, guarantee optimal control with very satisfactory air conditioning results. The most performing models are equipped with a wi-fi interface for easy connection to the home network. If this is not the case, it is important to check that the appliance is ready for an upgrade by installing an additional module. The most recent air conditioners can also be controlled by intelligent thermostats specially designed for this type of appliance.

The air inside the air conditioner, among the various processes it undergoes, is filtered. To have maximum environmental comfort as well as a correct temperature, it is also necessary to think about the quality of the air. Fine particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, and mites are normally present in the home environment. Choosing an air conditioner with an adequate filtration and purification system and with the presence of an ionizer, are the guarantee of a decidedly healthier air. If you do not have an air conditioner, perhaps because the home climate is entrusted to an air-water heat pump connected to a radiant floor system, it is also possible to obtain a healthy environment using a home air purifier.

  1. Noisiness

The loudest part of a dual split air conditioner is the outdoor unit. So, what has to worry about is the noise level of the fixed elements installed inside. This aspect must be taken into serious consideration if the 1.5 ton air conditioner (split models) is mounted in the bedroom.

It is necessary to make sure that it is equipped with the called sleep mode, silent mode or night mode, so that the acoustic emission can drop below 17 dB to avoid disturbing the rest. Also pay attention to any luminous displays on the body of the split: they must guarantee the possibility of being switched off during the night. You can consider some best 1.5 ton split AC at Khojdeal.

  1. Aesthetics

As always, the eye also wants its part especially for elements that become an integral part of the home environment. In this perspective, manufacturers are increasingly careful in providing products with refined designs, to fit into any type of furniture without ruining the harmony. In these cases, the choice depends only on personal tastes and the budget to be invested.


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