New Rule to Calculate “Best of Four” for B. Com (H) & B. Com (Prog.)


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The rule for calculating marks for taking admission in B.Com(H) and B Com(Program) has been changed. University has declared a new method to calculate it. Subjects have been divided into 3 categories: C1, C2 and Others.

  • The category C1 has 2 parts in which 1st part is for languages which consist of Hindi and English.

  • 2nd Part has core Subjects : Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies/Commerce Economics.

Cutoffs are calculated based on the marks in one Language subject from 1st Part of Category 1 and 3 core subjects from part 2 of category 1.

“Students takes one language from C1 and three subjects from C1’s core subjects to calculate their ‘Best of Four’, said officials. Now the Category 2 has twenty other subjects. But the point to be noted is if you add a subject from category 2 other than any core subjects than 1% will be deducted from the aggregate percentage.

” Suppose you take one language and two subjects from Core subjects and one subject from C2 category then 1% will be deducted. For every subject you add from Category 2, 1% will be deducted from your aggregate percentage.” officials said.

Lets make it more simple:


  • One language + 3 core subjects = No deduction.

  • One language + 2 core subjects + 1 subject from C2 = 1% deduction ( deduction of 1% on every subject added from Category 2)

  • One language + 2 core subject + 1 Subject other than category 1 or  2 = Deduction of 2.5% in aggregate percentage.

(2.5 % will be deducted from aggregate percentage on adding each paper other than C1 & C 2.)

List of Subjects Category wise:


Language: English , Hindi

Core Subjects: Accountancy, Mathematics, Business Studies/Commerce, Economics

Category 2

Botany, Biology/Biotechnology, Business Mathematics, Computer Science, Informatic Practices, Geography, Geology, History, Home Science, Legal Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Statistics, Zoology

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  1. Is Maths compulsory for B.Com Program? As in, I didn’t had mathematics in Class XII. So, am i eligible for B.Com Program ?

  2. What happens If I don’t include My English marks in Best fours? Does English is compulsion? (Actually I got less marks in This subject)

    • I have an same problem this year. I don’t why my marks are so less in English.I was attempt an English papet nicely so pls tell me that eng occurs any problem.can adding eng marks is an compulsion actually I have an 5 subject if am not add English marks so my percentage is 84

      • Frnd I have also this problem if I don’t include English mks my percentage is 95.5…………. ☹️ but after English it is only 92percent
        I got only 78 in English and 95 and above in remaining

  3. is it necessary to pass in maths in +2 exam to be eligible for bcom honours under DU or is it enough to just have studied in +2?

  4. Can i add my music and physical education subject in my percentage… And how many percentage will be deducted from my aggregate percentage… Plzz reply fast..


  6. Sir my subjects ar accounts, economics, business studies, english, and physical education. I want to know that my physical education subject will add or not while calculating best 4 as i scored well in that

  7. can i replace english with any core sub like maths, eco ,bst ,accounts , for best 4 for swami shradhanand clg? plzz reply

  8. I have commerce with physical education can I take bcom programme also if physical education is my main subject then how to calculate best four for bcom

  9. i belong to FMM straem in class12th ( CAPITAL MARKET OPERATIONS,DERIVATIVE MARKET OPERATIONS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP ) as my subject. can i opt B.COM honours with these subject if i got 78.5% in best four with one language.

  10. Agr best four me language include nhi karte to kon se course mill skta hai
    Commerce with math stream
    OBC cast

  11. Frnd I have also this problem if I don’t include English mks my percentage is 95.5…………. ☹️ but after English it is only 92percent
    I got only 78 in English and 95 and above in remaining

  12. I had banking 99
    Accounts 80
    Eco 95
    Bst 95
    Eng 92
    I want to do bcom
    What are my best 4%
    Pls tell i want to do bcom pass?
    Will banking be considered


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