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Friend or Significant One??    

Although I am single and I don’t have to manage time between my best friend and lover. But surely I know there are most of you who sometimes find it hard to balance time between your best friend and lover. I have friends who are in relationship and I have seen them confused and fucked up when they have to choose between me and their lovers. But as we all know friends are the one who have to sacrifice because they understand our situation. Actually it is very hard to maintain relationship and friendship equally. If you are among those who feel like that they are giving more priority to your lover than friend or vice versa then this article is written only for you.

 1. Go out with both of them

It doesn’t always have to be one or the another. Instead of going on a date with your significant one or outing with your friend, what about a group outing? I mean if you and your lover is going for a movie or a coffee, invite and your friend and you all can have double fun. If your friend is also committed than what is better than double dates. I feel you all are mature enough to be friends with each other’s lover.  And if you have planned a trip with your friends than you can even call your bf/gf   in that way you can spend time with both. But it cannot always work out so plan everything according to the convenience of others.

2. Split your days

This is something that I feel is a good idea if you are constantly stuck between your lover and friend. Talk to your friend and lover and let them know that how they both are equally important for you and you can’t ignore one for another. This may sound quite strange to divide the week between both of them but it may work nicely if you do it in the right way. You could see each of them every week. And in this way none of them would feel left out as you have already told them about it.

 3. Stick to your words

Whatever the situation is, you better make it sure that you stick to your words and promises. If you have planned a night out with your friends and you cancel it just because your special one calls you than that is something you are not supposed to do. And if your loved one has cancelled all his/her just to be with you and at the last moment you back out because your friends want you to than even this is not something you are supposed to do. Means chances are almost there that you would find yourself stuck between both of them many of the times but one thing that can save you from all this is that do not turn away from what you have promised to both of them. Stick to your words because if you don’t then both of them will feel offended. But yes exceptions are always there: if you are making love with your gf/bf but your friend calls you because his/her parents found her making out with their loved one then you can obviously ditch your bf/gf.

4. Be There For You BFFs When They Need You

Accept it or not but most of the time some of us have not taken our friend’s problem seriously. We ignored them and even got irritated. But those friends are the only one who were there for you when you broke up at 3 am in the morning, you called them and they became your shoulder. Most of the people ignore or give less time to their friends when they come into new relationships. And when things go wrong and when you are upset because of your loved one than your friends are the one you run to. So always be there for your friends as they have been there for you whenever you called them. When they come to you with their problems, listen to them instead of crying about what is going on in your relationship. I am being quite partial here because I feel like friends are the one you can always turn to no matter how much you have hurt them. Do not make them feel like that they are less important for you. Here, time is not something that matters but what matters is that how you treat your friends when they need you.

    These are the only ways in which I can help you right now.  Relationship and friendship is all we need. But when we come into a new relationship we start to spend less time with our friends. But in my opinion, I feel like at the end of the day your friend is always there waiting for you no matter how much you have ignored them. Friends will always be there for you and your lovers may come and go but friends will stay.

By- Ekta yadav












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