Due to the COVID-19 crises, the nation is facing lockdown for many days. Drastic changes have has been seen in the country and one of the major issues is to conduct examinations of the universities. Still, discussions have been going on in the committee relating to the issue of mode to conduct examinations.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Human Resource Development Ministry are planning to conduct PhD and MPhil exams through the online mediums in various universities across the country. It is yet to be known by the country that when this lockdown is going to be held.

In view of this statement, the committee is planning to conduct an online examination so that the following academic year may begin after the lockdown ends. Else it will be complicated and delay in the exams as well as the academic year.

Exams will be conducted on meeting apps:

The UGC and MHRD have informed the universities regarding this decision. There are many meeting apps and other apps that are used by everyone to get connected to their long-distance relatives and friends. So an idea has been put up by the Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’. He said that exams can be conducted on those apps like Skype and other meeting apps. He also said that if this system would be implemented, students would not have to face any problems related to examinations and they do not have to wait for attempting various types of exams.

Internal examinations to be conducted on Skype:

A lot of problems have been faced by collegiate nowadays. The foremost problem is its internal examinations. Although, the authority is trying their best to tackle assignments, still, it’s getting difficult to take their internal examination. According to the Human Resource Development Minister, if this decision would come into force, students can even give their internal exams of 25 percent marks on skype or other meeting applications. Otherwise, regular classes for 2nd and 3rd-year students will begin on 1st August. Classes for freshers will begin from 1 September and their admission procedure will begin in the month of August. However, students from different colleges will have to appear for semester exams in the month of July.

An appeal for online exams:

An appeal was made to conduct even semester exams online. This means that their 75 percent University exams will be taken along with the 25 percent Internal Assessment exams online. The entrance examination forms of various Universities have been disclosed. As it is not possible for many students to fill up the form or entrance examinations are yet not known by anyone that how it would be conducted, some universities have postponed their dates of filling the entrance examination forms.

Extension of the dates of examination forms:

As advised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the National Testing Agency has extended the dates of filling entrance examination forms of various universities. According to the National Testing Agency, some universities whose examination dates have been extended are Jawaharlal Nehru University, National Council for Hotel Management ‘G’ for PhD and MBA from IGNOU. Their entrance examination dates have been extended till May 15.

~ Kanika Khatri





  1. Online exam is inconvenient, It’s better to do exam around july. Not all has the ability or the capacity of online examination


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