The demand of relocation in a densely populated country like India is extremely high and the job is carried out in the best way by professional packers and movers. They not only have the necessary skills and experience in the field, but also offer customized services for every range of customers. The job of packers and movers in Hyderabad is especially important in current times considering the huge demand for shifting across the country as well as within cities, for a variety of reasons like job opportunities, education, personal well-being, and so on. Moreover, most people these days prefer hiring relocation companies for quick, safe, and stress-free shifting since they don’t have the time to handle the entire move on their own.


However, people in India originally avoided booking relocation services from packers and movers for 2 reasons: (1) they thought it will be easy to manage everything on their own, and (2) they assumed expenses will be high. Another major reason people preferred to handle their entire relocation by themselves and risk the safety of their belongings was the issue of entrusting their hard-earned belongings in the hands of strangers. Many relocation companies were quoting cheap prices for shifting and ended up stealing many customer’s goods; some amateur movers offered moving services without having any experience and heavily damaged household items because of poor-quality services.


But without professional help and due to their lack of experience and knowledge in packing and moving, people were unable to safeguard their goods as well as they hoped and ended up facing major loss; they not only damaged their household items but also injured themselves in the process.


To get out of these problems, the people finally started accepting the idea of hiring moving companies. But since they didn’t know how to identify good movers and stay away from fake and unprofessional packers and movers, they were being cheated by fraud companies that attracted customers by promising quality services at the lowest prices. However, they would end up providing extremely poor-quality services and end up damaging people’s household belongings or stealing them in order to get more money from the people. Because of this, it became difficult for trustworthy movers and packers to sustain in the market.


To overcome this obstacle, AssureShift entered the market as a private verification firm to carry out the necessary authentication processes and refer genuine packers and movers to customers. AssureShift is a referral portal website that gives open access to both customer and provider. They verify business registrations and other authorizations provided by the Govt of India to set up a packing moving firm before suggesting shifting companies to customers.


Started in 2016, AssureShift targeting to reorganize the packers movers industry in India, which used to exploit the public by increasing charges without reason, carelessly packing or mishandling goods leading to damages, delaying delivery, etc. Team AssureShift has been working everyday lineup everything required to provide the best house shifting services in India. They help customers to hire the best relocation services like home shifting, bike/car transport, office moving, cargo shipping, etc.


AssureShift partnered with the best packers and movers Gurgaon and verified their company details, like GSTIN documents, business registration/license documents from Govt. of India, owner ID proof and their office location as well. They also check the mover’s past performance history to make sure they have a good service record and were able to build trust in previous customers. This is how AssureShift was able to create their own network of packers and movers who intend to offer the best services to the public.


AssureShift lists moving company partners on their website in an organized manner by arranging them as per their performance, ratings, services offered, and various other factors. Customers can easily hire movers by scrolling through the list of relocation service providers as per their relocation requirements.  The entire idea gives digital exposure to packers movers as well as customers making it easier to earn as more and more people are able to get in touch with trustworthy and good moving companies.


AssureShift launched operations in Bangalore and gained a positive response from the people in the first 3 months. Following this, they expanded into other metro cities like Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc., and are currently serving in 21 Indian cities. The balance between AssureShift and relocation service providers have been great since then. There are various moving companies that started with business through AssureShift and are doing great till date. AssureShift has managed to create a network of around 600-700 packers and movers across the country and opened a sea of opportunities to moving companies who have the capability to provide the promised services and stay true to their work.


The improvisation and growth in the relocation industry in this day and age has increased the availability of jobs for skilled packers, moving experts, truck drivers, managers, digital marketers, and so on.


With all positivity, AssureShift aims to grow and spread their network all over India and help the struggling moving companies take a firm stand in the industry. With a mission to reach the farthest corners of the country, AssureShift plans to not only help all customers to easily find genuine and trustworthy packers and movers for their stress-free relocation, but also help create a good living for more and more people looking to work in the relocation industry.


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