Homework is one of the types of independent student work. Taking into account the limited number of hours, teachers believe that it is advisable to give students a much larger number of homework assignments while regulating the types of exercises in the classroom and at home. In class, it is better to do exercises in which random access memory (visual and auditory together with the ability to reproduce) is involved. Exercises that require long-term memory (associative memorization, associative thinking) are more appropriate for homework.

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But it is still important to learn to do homework without a math homework helper. The following tips will help you do your hw quickly and efficiently.

General Homework Guidelines

Pay attention that it is advisable to start doing homework an hour and a half after classes. It should also be noted that the first maximum level of efficiency is in the morning (9.00 – 11.00). For the second time during the day, the level rises from 15.00 to 17.00, after which there is a sharp decline.

Homework of a reproductive nature is aimed at consolidating the material learned in the lesson; performing tasks according to the sample, algorithm, rule. These are basic homework assignments. Homework with complex elements stimulates students’ cognitive activity, helps to establish inter-thematic and inter-subject connections. Homework of a creative nature (project, abstract, essay, etc.) involves independent work with various information sources; search and processing of information with the subsequent presentation.

Here are the main tasks that are given to students as homework:

  • Part of the theoretical material, less complex in content;
  • Some practical work that does not require direct guidance of the teacher;
  • Some issues that are covered in the literature and which are not considered in lectures;
  • Preparation for seminars, practical (laboratory) classes;
  • Solution of exercises, creation of schemes, diagrams, other graphic works;
  • Analysis of a specific production situation and preparation of an analytical note;
  • Performance of individual tasks (writing an abstract on a given issue; search (selection) and review of literature sources on a given issue of the course; analytical review of a scientific publication; writing a course/diploma project, etc.).

As we can see, the tasks are quite diverse and require a lot of knowledge and skills from students. Here is a list of tips to help you perform different types of assignments:

  • Listen carefully and work actively during the classes;
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask the teacher a question if you don’t understand something. A tutor will be happy to answer your questions, and you will better understand the training material;
  • It is desirable to perform the task on the day when it was received, so as not to forget the material studied;
  • Start planning your work. Think about the sequence of tasks in individual subjects, try to determine how much time you need to complete each task;
  • In the course of tasks use dictionaries, reference books, other information sources. Find out the meaning of unfamiliar words; the necessary facts, explanations, rules, formulas, etc.;
  • Take a break between tasks;
  • If the material to be studied is large or complex, divide it into parts and process each of them separately. Use the keyword method;
  • Try to understand the material first, and then memorize it;
  • Do not leave creative tasks for the last day, because such work takes a lot of time. Prepare for them in advance, evenly distributing the load;
  • Performing oral tasks, make an answer plan, use supports (maps, diagrams, tables, etc.). They will help you better understand and remember the material;
  • Do not forget about self-control. Check yourself.

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