The “open book” procedure of examination coined by Delhi University is highly criticized by the students and teachers as well. Have a look at CoC recommendation on calculating the average marks of previous papers of the fourth-semester exams.

The idea for a virtual model of examination as open book semester exams is considered null and void by the teacher and the students’ council. This suggestion by DU has left the teachers and students in a fix. On the same path as the Department of Economics and Sociology, now the Department of History has also united against this newly devised idea. 

The teachers’ committee and students’ council joined hands and organized an online campaign that was entirely against the idea of an online open-book examination opinion of DU.

The faculty of the History Department wrote a letter to DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, stating their disappointment with the suggested idea.  The Department also directed other options for the conduction of exams.

The Combined Committee Courses (CoC ) for postgraduate(PG) and undergraduate courses(UG)  and schedule of the Department of History of Delhi University arranged a zoom meeting on 19 May. 

The CoC has also put forward the response of postgraduate History course students’ that they mailed to them regarding the open book exams.

Committee’s views on DU open-book examinations

During the meeting, the CoC asserted they understand that the coronavirus spread throughout the nation has resulted in an unprecedented dilemma.

The people of the nation are suffering from various problems, consisting of infrastructure restrictions, technological glitches, financial crises, dislocation of pupils/ families, and challenging atmosphere in the households, the committee said.

A large number of students do not have decent Wifi or 4G internet connectivity in their homes or even a camera or scanner, the member said.

Besides, many students lack their notes, reading materials, and even the minimum required stationery for an OBE,” the CoC said.

The students have come all together and voiced against the open book examination in July, contending that they were prepared for a completely different method of exams and in case, DU goes with its idea, so that will be extremely unjust to them.

For the fourth semester exams, do the average of the previous semester applies? 

According to CoC’s recommendation, for undergraduate students last semester, the average of total marks of previously completed exams can be accounted for 75% of total marks and the outstanding 25% should be based on the internal evaluation.

In the same way, the last semester students of post-graduation courses, 75% should be based on the average marks of old exams and 25% on an internal basis.

They also added that students should be allowed extra time in July to submit their assignments. As many students failed to deliver the internal projects on time due to the lockdown.

 In survey conduction before,  more than 71% of students revealed that they were not able to concentrate on their study at their home, and 75.4% of students accepted, they are undergoing stress and anxiety because of the lockdown.





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