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The other day I was alone at home, sitting in my room under the cool cool AC, having a ‘me’ time for a change and suddenly I realized that I was hungry. Well, to be honest I was too lazy to go in the kitchen and that too in this sweltering heat and cook something for myself. So, what option did I have… I did not want to eat junk food and not even these oily chole Bhaturas…hmm… I wanted good hygienic, hot and quality food… I know it was too much to ask for. But yes. I knew that there was a place which made all these 3 things possible and for that I didn’t even had to go out of the house. I just picked up my phone and dialled 1800-200-556and I was placing my order at HELLO MEAL.

Hello Meal is your friendly App based food delivery service started by a few students of Delhi University who wanted to provide reasonable quality and fresh food anytime and anywhere. Based in Vijay Nagar, Hello Meal has a wide range of choices to choose from. So, if you have a craving for Non-Veg Indian items or Chinese items or even for that matter Ghar ka Parantha, all you have to do is order it from happy Meal by downloading their App which is available on both Android and Window devices.

Hello Meal believes in the concept of ‘excellent quality and sufficient quantity’ and that is why they follow the technical oriented approach which provides a wholesome experience to its customer. They provide home delivery within a short span of time and are available from 11 am till midnight. So, one can even satisfy one’s hunger pangs late in the night too. Hello Meal can be even found on Zomato and the best part is that you can pre-book your orders, so if you have a lunch or dinner party at home the next day, you should not have panic attacks, just pre-order the menu and it would have delivered next day at the time mentioned by you. Wow, now this is something really cool!

What makes them outshine the crowd is also their quirky food jackets which have inspiration from pop culture and which the consumer loves. Environmentally conscious, they follow the policy of protecting the nature and hence provide wet wipes instead of tissues to customers for cleaning their hands.

With the philosophy of ‘Mood Kia, Food Kia’, Hello Meals is the best solution to all the college students who live alone and crave for ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’. Providing a variety of options like the economic thali meals to the little exclusive meals, Hello meals according to Tushar, its co-founder is a unique feature to give the best food to students at affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for, just pick up your phone and say hello to ‘Hello Meals’!!

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