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Harvard University offers Free Online Courses for making it easier for the students across the globe to utilize their time in learning something new.The lockdown phase provided us ample time to explore and learn.Students can enroll in any of the courses and learn while staying at home.

The duration of these courses varies from 1 week to 13 weeks.

A wide variety of courses, covering almost every field are available for students. The field includes humanities, art, and design, computer science, data science, health and medical, social science, law, business and more.

Harvard University Free Online Courses

Amidst multiple courses, some are listed below-

  • CS50’s introduction to game development – development of 2D and 3D interactive games. The duration is 12 weeks.
  • Hinduism through its scriptures– learning about the diversity of India through hymns, philosophical thoughts, and their interpretations. The length of the course is 4 weeks.
  • Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice: shylock –introduction to the character of Shylock. The time period is 3 weeks.
  • Lessons from Ebola- preventing the next pandemic, this course will teach you the cause and outbreak of Ebola.
  • Child Protection –This course will let you know about children’s rights in theory and practice. The interval is 11 weeks.
  • Contemporary China- course includes the people’s republic , Taiwan and Hong Kong. The course exceeds 15weeks.

Other are plenty of other courses available which you can choose as per your choice.

How to Apply for online courses at Harvard University-

  • Visit the official website of Harvard University online-learning.harvard.edu
  • Click on the subject area and choose the subject, price , start date , schools, duration and difficulty level.
  • You will find a list of programs under this option.
  • Choose a program and click proceed
  • Click on ‘take course’
  • Fill the application form.

-Varsha Verma

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