Harassment of DU Students 2024: First-Year Students Allege Mistreatment

Harassment of DU Students
1st year students of FMS, DU allege mistreatment by seniors

Harassment of DU Students: First-Year Students Allege Mistreatment

Shocking allegations of harassment of DU students at FMS! Uncover how seniors allegedly subjected first-year students to odd deadlines and threats. Learn how the administration is responding to ensure student safety and well-being.

Several first-year students at the FMS, Delhi University have complained about harassment. They are claiming to be harassed by their seniors. This has led the administration to start an investigation. The complaints allege that the students were given tasks with unusual deadlines. They were also called for interactions at odd hours. If they failed to meet these demands, they risked losing their summer placement support.

Key Points

• Odd Deadlines: Students were assigned tasks with deadlines like 2:30 am.

• Odd Hours: They were called for interactions at 5 am on campus.

• Threats and Pressure: Students faced threats and extreme pressure.

• Placement Support: The placement cell, run by seniors, enforced these tasks.

FMS Dean Venkat Raman confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. He assured that action would be taken if the allegations were found to be true.

Specific Incidents of Harassment of DU Students

According to the complaint, the harassment of DU students began on June 15. The students claimed they were overworked and sleep-deprived. They also faced threats and were made to feel incompetent. The extreme pressure included receiving assignments late at night. It would be around 10 pm, with submissions due by 2:29:59 am.

One student reported suffering a panic attack and falling unconscious on campus due to the harassment. This incident was also included in the complaint to the grievance redressal cell.

Statements from the Administration

Dean Venkat Raman explained that the tasks given by seniors were meant to prepare students for corporate exposure. He acknowledged that if a task was given at 2:30 am, it meant the seniors were also awake to assess the assignments. He stressed that these activities were intended to help each other.

But, he assured that if any inappropriate behaviour occurred, necessary action would be taken. The dean mentioned the presence of an anti-ragging committee. Students who feel they have been subjected to objectionable behaviour can reach out to this committee.

Investigative Steps

• Grievance Redressal Cell: The cell is currently examining the complaints.

• Anti-Ragging Committee: Available for students to report any objectionable behaviour.

• Action Pending Investigation: The dean assured action will be taken if the allegations are confirmed.

Impact on Students

The harassment of DU students has had a significant impact. The students reported feeling demoralized and humiliated by the seniors’ behaviour. They described the feedback from seniors as nasty and intended to undermine their confidence. This has caused mental and emotional stress among the first-year students.

Key Impacts

• Mental Stress: Overwork and threats led to mental stress.

• Emotional Impact: Nasty feedback caused feelings of incompetence.

• Health Issues: At least one student experienced a panic attack.

Responses and Reactions

The administration’s response has been to investigate the matter thoroughly. Dean Raman emphasized that the purpose of the tasks was to help students prepare for placements. He pointed out that both seniors and juniors were involved in the process.

Despite this, the administration is taking the allegations seriously. The anti-ragging committee is in place to address any complaints. The dean reassured that any proven misconduct would result in appropriate action.


The harassment of DU students at FMS has raised concerns about the well-being of first-year students. The allegations include being given unreasonable tasks and facing threats from seniors. The administration is investigating these claims and has promised to take action if necessary.

Summary Points

• Allegations: Unreasonable tasks and threats by seniors.

• Administration Response: Investigation and potential action.

• Impact on Students: Mental stress, emotional impact, and health issues.


The harassment of DU students at the Faculty of Management Studies is a serious issue. The administration’s commitment to investigating and addressing the complaints is a positive step. Ensuring a supportive and safe environment for students is crucial for their well-being and success.

Focus Points

• Supportive Environment: Importance of a safe and supportive environment for students.

• Administrative Action: Commitment to investigating and addressing harassment.

• Student Well-being: Ensuring the mental and emotional well-being of students.

The investigation into the harassment of DU students is ongoing. The administration’s actions following the findings will be crucial in resolving the issue. It will also help prevent future incidents.


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