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Freshmen Orientation is a program organised by the University and college to welcome freshers and transfer students to the campus. The program offers precise information about the college, faculty and the management.

Delhi University organise it’s Orientation program in the month of June every year. Although, every college of the university conducts their own session with the first-year undergraduate, the session usually held in the last week of July, after declaration of the last cut-off list.

The orientation program is addressed by the principal and the managing authority of the college. The session is a guide to the college for new students to help them in understanding the atmosphere, faculty and the upcoming challenges.

Freshman Orientation is the very first official session in the college for the new comers, it’s a great way to meet other students and to make new friends. Also, the session includes a small catch up with the College Union, departmental clubs and the college societies. It will give a quick glance about the field of interest and then one can decide where s/he want to go.

Every freshman and transfer student should take out, the time to attend the orientation session, it will help them, to understand college and the future opportunities too.


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