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College life is all about fun, frolic, pranks and the never ending memories when you have the right kind of a group and a lot more. After attending back to back classes all day long it may leave you exhausted and tiring, and you would crave for a change so that your day may spiced up and you can get your mood refreshed .So, if you are at Delhi university North campus hangouts come in all shapes and sizes. Acquainting you with the best addas and of course some change so that the best of memories can be weaved together at one of these places:

1.Delhi School Of Economics which is popularly known as the D-School”.

If your budget is low but you need a craving for high food then this is your place here the value added attraction is the Jp tea stall which offers you a great tea and a fun loving time by chit chatting with your friends prevailing that “a lot can happen over tea too”

2.Bille-Di-Hatti : If you are a chole bhatura fan and you would want a change then this is your place! This place is visited by hundred’s of students in a single day. This joint serves the best chole bhatura followed by delicious lassi and leaves a spicy and tangy taste at the end at just affordable prices.

3.Arts faculty or you may know as arts faculty : this can be the greatest hangout spot for all the seasons. You may see a bunch of students of all the year relaxing in the lawn all day, share food and cherish the calm stroke of university life.

4.The metro station:

 Well it feels good that north campus has it’s own metro station. This can be your favourite place where you would be surrounded by a large and small group, hand holding couples, food hawkers, trees and  places to sit and have a constant chatter and  a gala time.


   5.Kamla Nagar Market: 

This is the all time fav spot for students which is popularly known as “k-nag” you would be surrounded with 1000 shops where you can shop in for high branded clothes to fake ones and you can satiate your hunger with hordes of eating options ranging from fast food to desi ones.

By- Aashima Gupta


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