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In the guidelines issued on Thursday, the Controller of Examinations (COE) of Jamia Milia Islamia said that the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Jamia Milia Islamia sitting for the proctored online examinations that are scheduled to begin from December 21 will have to ensure good internet connectivity and uninterrupted power and will be responsible for any lapses on this front.

Whilst protesting against the exam mode, the students have written to the Dean of Students’ Welfare demanding that they be evaluated instead on the basis of assignments. The exam mode requires the students to give access to their webcams and microphones among other things.

COE Nazim Hussain Jafri said in the guidelines that students will require to appear in the examination using the latest version of Firefox browser, a web camera, and a Windows laptop/PC with a stable internet connection. To click the images of their handwritten answers and uploading them, the students will also need a smartphone.

Students are responsible for ensuring Internet and electricity, according to the guidelines. The students will only be given 15 minutes for uploading their written answer sheets via PDF once the exams get over. The guidelines state that the students are advised to make their own arrangements for good internet connectivity as well as uninterrupted power for the duration of the test. For any lapses on this front, the students will themselves be responsible and therefore, they were advised to make sure that there is adequate back up in its place.

The guidelines also stated that the students are required to adhere to the maximum time allotted to the examination and 15 minutes of extra time, in addition to it, is allotted to the students to upload their handwritten answers in an A4 size paper in the form of a PDF. Students should exercise extra caution that all pages of the response are clicked and successfully uploaded after being converted into a PDF format. Any discrepancy or any request regarding the uploading of the response shall be entertained at any point.


The guidelines further state that center invigilators and superintendents will be watching the movement and conduct of examinations through the virtual mode and in case, they sense anything amiss, an online warning might be issued. In case, an offender repeats his/her mistake, he/she will be disallowed to continue with the examination.

The guidelines also state that students are also required to give permission to use their web camera throughout the examination to carry out remote invigilation. Any obstruction of the microphone or the camera will result in the cancellation of the examination for the concerned student.

It also read that students were also not supposed to move to any other window/application/tab on his/her device during the examination. Any such movement will be captured by the application, and the examination will stop on its own.

Jafri said that there is a helpline number. They will incorporate and modify if students give suggestions. Every second student would say that they are not being able to give an exam because of a power cut if he did not add that point.


Jafri also said that the demand of the students of being evaluated on the basis of assignments has been forwarded to the UGC. They have no problem in going ahead with it if the UGC allows them. He also said that they were with the students and if any students have trouble accessing laptops, they can write to the Jamia Milia Islamia administration.





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