Grow Old With Him If He Has These 4 Qualities: By- Ekta Yadav


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We all fall in love but only some of us are  lucky enough to get loved back. Being in love is one of the best feeling in this world especially when two of you are in love with each other .  Only some of us actually believe in the concept of true love. Love is just not about hugging, kissing, meeting . There is a lot to it and it is  actually impossible to explain what love is. Love is bit hard for one sided lovers but there is a weird pleasure in loving someone who does not love you back. So girls if you are in love with him and he is in love with you so what else you need. I know it is not easy to trust someone’s word because you never know what they are hiding behind. Finding that one who is made for you is actually a tough job. If you are deeply in him and you still doubt whether you are going to last forever or not  so check this list. If he have all these qualities so hold him tight and do not let him go. Grow old with him and love him unconditionally.

1. He is always there when you are on the edge of losing it all.

We all have been through that time when we felt like everything is just about to end and maybe many of you are going through this. Having someone by your side when you are losing hope is really a strength. So, if he has been there for you when you were at the edge of ending it all , when depression , anxiety and tension were eating you up and he was there to save you , feel blessed that he is yours. Many people in our life say that “I will always be there” but we ourselves know only few of them mean it. When you start behaving in a strange way because of everything wrong going in your life and when you are not the same you used to be but he is still there and treating you the same way even when you are hard to handle. He listens to your each and every problem and talks to you about it. He gives you strength and courage and don’t let you feel alone in this storm. Trust me he is that one you have been searching for. People like them are hard to find who empathize with you and your problems. Hold him tight and don’t let him go.He is your sunshine in the darkness.


2. He appreciates the “ real you”

The society in which we live we find it hard to be ourselves. Most of the time we are judged for being the real us. We try to be the fake version of ourselves that people around us admire . In the race of being accepted we lose our real identity. There are only some people in our life who love our originality and appreciate us for being that. If he never force you to be someone else and actually finds you perfect the way you are then I must say you have got the right one. You don’t have to put make up and hide your flaws when you are going out with him. Putting make up is totally your choice  and not his. He finds you beautiful in XXL t shirts , pajamas and oily hairs. When you are with him you are not insecure about your looks. He takes all your tantrums and mood swings. He never compares you with other girls around. If you are a tomboy girl and he is still madly in love with you then don’t leave his hand because not everyone appreciates the real you.

3. He is a family man

Families play important role in any successful marriage. When you want to get married with each other then it is  just not only about two of you , it is also about your families. It says a lot about a man’s character the way he treats his family. If your guy is family oriented and truly cares for his parents then he is a true gentleman. He concerns with his parents whenever he takes any important decision. He loves talking about his family  and never gets bored when you talk about yours. You can actually know a lot about his character by the way he treats women I his family. A family oriented man becomes a good husband and father.  If  he respects your family  then he is going to be a good husband and son-in-law.


4. He believes in your passion and career

It is not easy to have someone in your life who believes in you and your dreams. Sometimes even our own parents start doubting on our capabilities. If you are a kind of a girl who wants to acquire her own identity  in the society and your man supports you in achieving your goals then he is the right one. Most of the men don’t like when their partners are working and standing on their own. He supports you and encourages you to work hard. He never compromises with your career and never feels insecure even when you are earning more than him. He never lets you lose faith in your dreams and every time when you feel like that it is impossible to fulfill your them he boasts you up and ignites the spark in you. If he is your cheerleader then hold onto him.

Ladies, it is really hard to find the right man who actually loves you. If you have found the one in your life so don’t let him go. If he is a true gentleman than be a lady he deserves and love him more than he loves you. Understand him, show him how much he means to you .Let him know that he adds value to your life. Because men like these are hard to get.

By- Ekta Yaduvanshi


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