Ginny Weds Sunny review

Ginny Weds Sunny Review: Vikrant Massey (Sunny) and Yami Gautam (Ginny) have been brilliant in their acting, but the story offers the same 90s plot in a new garb. There could have been a better storyline which could have helped the movie rise from average to brilliance, but sadly, it failed to do so.

Ginny Weds Sunny is the story of Ginny and Sunny and their inability to marry. Sunny is all ready to marry anyone in order to kickstart his restaurant business, with the blessings of his father. But he does not get any girl who would like to marry him immediately and become a ‘partner’ in his restaurant business. On the other hand, Ginny likes a boy, but he is not ready to marry her.

Both their parents are now tired of trying to get them married. Ginny’s mother (Ayesha Raza Mishra) takes the onus of finding a good husband for Ginny in her own hands. But the problem is that Ginny wants to have a love marriage. Therefore, her mother conspires a plan with Sunny to make her daughter fall in love with him.

Thus, begins a long array of wooing where Sunny does everything that Ginny’s mother tells him so that Ginny falls in love with him and forgets her ex-boyfriend Nishank (Suhail Nayyar). Ginny still has feelings for Nishank and is still waiting for him to propose to her. With Sunny wooing Ginny, Ginny wanting Nishank to propose, Nishank wanting her to move own, the story becomes so senseless and mindless that you are forced to ask the real reason behind all this hubbub.

Ginny weds Sunny review

With all of this happening, as the audience, you will feel lost in the plot, since it does the bare minimum to hold your attention for a long time. The characters have not been given real purposes. Like, there is this childhood crush of Ginny with whom she shares her first kiss, time and again, he keeps popping up to eat malai waale karela and aloo ke parathe, but it does not have any real motive.

Sunny looks like someone who does not do anything apart from dreaming about his marriage and later, opening his own restaurant. It seems as though everyone in the movie has only one motive in their life- it is either to see themselves getting married or get someone else married. The word ‘Shaadi’ has been repeated so many times in the movie that you will feel that you should get married so that everybody stops talking about weddings.

The trope of the entire plot is marriage, nothing behind it, and nothing ahead of it. We are living in the twenty-first century, there are more important issues to address than marriage, like Sunny’s unemployment, Nishank’s financial dependence on his family, etc. But for us Indians, the main motive for anyone’s life should and must be ‘Shaadi’, rest everything can wait.

I know that the name of the movie is itself Ginny Weds Sunny, but other ideas could have also been introduced in the movie, in order to divert the attention of the audiences. But no! This shows that there are some real loopholes in the plot. The writer has greatly borrowed from all the romantic movies that have been made till now, mixed all of them, and has come up with a new blended version of all the stories. Except for a small portion where Ginny talks about her father, the story does not connect with the audience emotionally.

In Ginny weds Sunny review, I would like to say that the story has spoiled all the acting efforts made by Vikrant and Yami. Vikrant has managed to slip into the role so comfortably, that at one point of time, it was difficult for me to believe that is not the typical West Delhi boy in real life. His Punjabi accent comes out so fluently, that we enjoy watching him on the screen. He has done full justice to his character.

Yami has also made an indelible mark with her character. She looks effortlessly beautiful and seems to have worked a lot on her acting skills over the past few years. She has put in efforts to get under the skin of her character, perfecting the Haryanvi-Punjabi accent and becoming a treat to watch.

The movie, though located in Delhi, fails to capture the beauty of Delhi in any way, apart from the metros. Delhi is such a beautiful city, where there is so much to explore, but somehow the makers do not risk that. The same old dhabas are shown.

Ginny Weds Sunny

In the Ginny Weds Sunny review, I will also like to say that the music is awesome, with a few peppy numbers, which give a good vibe to the screenplay. There is a slow song too, that will make watching the movie somewhat less painful, but apart from that, the movie is not so exciting. You might want to watch the movie because of its background score.

The direction by Puneet Khanna is also not very impressive, since he had talented actors on board, but he did not channelize on the opportunity and has presented a rather pallid Ginny Weds Sunny. If he would have been able to explore the actors to their utmost potential, the movie would have been a lot better than it is right now.

The cinematography is good in certain scenes, for example, when the wedding is taking place in Noor Mahal. But, in some scenes, it lacks creativity. As I mentioned before, set in Delhi, the movie fails to capture the essence of Delhi, apart from a few shots of the India Gate, Delhi metro, and the local dhabas. A better job could have been done.


Another thing in Ginny Weds Sunny review, the screenplay is not up to the mark. It could have been given such a shape so as to ensure that the attention of the audience is held for a longer period of time.


Finally, for Ginny Weds Sunny review, I would like to say that it is a passable movie. You can watch it if you are free for two hours and want a light-hearted watch. You also might want to watch the movie because of its good music. That’s the only thing worth enjoying in the movie, sadly enough.

Ginny Weds Sunny is currently streaming on Netflix.





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