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Digital transformation is a term used to describe the shift in how companies use technology to change the way they operate. It may be caused by changes in business strategy, legislative and regulatory requirements, or technological advancements.

Digital transformation means moving from an analog world to a digital one and embracing connectedness, mobility, and automation. A digital transformation will involve dramatic changes to your products and customer experience. It can also require changing your culture, structure, or mindset – sometimes all at once!

Digital transformation is a primitive shift of business conduct to a more sustainable, structured process that derives access to accurate data and delivers value to the customer. It requires companies to constantly challenge their old business practices to seek better solutions.

Does “free digital transformation training course” sound like a boon to you in this highly emerged digital world? Moreover, with the rise of the internet, online presence plays a significant role today.

Simplilearn’s online learning platform offers a free digital transformation training course that will help you analyze market trends, threats, and opportunities to form a digital growth roadmap aligned with business objectives. It will also develop a comprehensive perspective of frontier technologies to advance growth strategies.

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Benefits of a free digital transformation training course

First and foremost, a significant advantage of this course is that it is a free training program. Moreover, gaining knowledge and learning high-demand skills can never get old. So, grasp this excellent opportunity by utilizing digital technology to drive productivity, increase efficiency, and spur innovation.

Since this digital transformation course has multiple benefits, we have listed the imperatives to keep you motivated.

1) Improved Customer Experience

The free digital transformation training course will unlock the productivity of your employees and deliver a seamless and valuable experience to the customer.

Digital technologies allow businesses to collect, store and analyze consumer insights to learn more about their customers and stay updated with new behavior. Also, enrolling in the digital transformation course helps you use data analysis and AI to understand each customer better, allowing you to create and offer products or services tailored to their needs.

2) Enhanced Data Collection

In our perspective, any business strategy is pointless unless it can be measured. So gathering the best insights to put up a digital campaign without keeping track of your performance is useless.

Digital transformation creates a system for compiling the correct data and absorbs it entirely for business intelligence. Using data-driven insights, you acquire feeds into business strategy. These insights allow businesses to optimize their digital marketing efforts.

Data collection is an important factor that contributes to digital transformation. Data can be used by organizations both internally and externally for various purposes ranging from customer retention and management efforts to marketing programs.

3) Improved Agility

The free digital transformation training course accords you with the power to move quickly and easily in response to business challenges. Digital up-gradation makes organizations more agile. These courses help achieve improved speed-to-market and the ability to adopt continuous improvement strategies and new marketing development. This allows businesses to scale up or down.

4) Increased Profits

Companies and professionals that undergo digital transformation training courses improve efficiency and profitability. Enrolling in the course will save money upfront. Still, it will save both time and money once you go live by integrating a more systematic process and quicker problem identification.

Optimizing business technology and operations around digital technology means cost-per-transaction savings and enhanced sales. There are several opportunities for cost savings in other operations with the right ERP software. For instance, a product-based company can gain better insights into volume needs and timelines. So, ordering timely raw materials avoids wastage and can be procured strategically. It is easier to grow revenue. So cost savings become inevitable.

5) Offers an opportunity for continuous learning

A digital transformation course gives you a competitive edge to be updated with the latest technology and tools required for the efficiency of your business. The pace of change related to the digital world is rapid and is not expected to slow down soon. However, you must constantly top up your skills to achieve continual digital enlightenment at breakneck speed.

Digital transformation training helps you learn new proficiencies that will allow you to be relevant and up to date in an incredibly competitive advancement.

How Simplilearn powers free digital transformation training course.

Digital evolution is redefining how companies operate. Businesses have observed startling results from data-driven consumer insights to reduce costs and increased profits. This free digital transformation training course will help you understand how to modernize IT to execute projects.

Throughout the program, you will learn various skills, and the future of digital business is looking to be heavily built upon the following skillsets.


  • -Digital Transformation
  • – Business Analytics and Big Data
  • – Blockchain and IoT
  • -Robotics Process Automation
  • – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • – Cloud and DevOps
  • – Digital Marketing
  • – Virtual and Augmented Reality




  • – Evaluate how to use these technologies to solve specific business challenges.
  • – Identify opportunities to address a particular problem and unlock an optimal digital solution
  • – Manage the organizational transformation and the culture, in the form of people and process, required to enable measurable and significant change.
  • – Navigate the legal and ethical considerations surrounding digital business practices, such as privacy and data protection.
  • This free digital transformation training course enables you to identify and work with the three critical components of the program for your organization, namely- data, technology, and people, to leap towards staying relevant in the digitally centric world.


As we are witnessing the rise of digital technologies and the urgency of digitalization across industries, this necessitates a rare combination of strategic clarity, technical knowledge, and excellent leadership skills. Free digital marketing training courses empower leaders to remodel companies into truly digital businesses by curating a concrete plan of action and motivating data-driven digital culture. At the same time, participants learn to strategize for evolving digital changes.



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