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Delhi University has started releasing its cut offs. So, probably everyone is thinking of getting into North Campus because UNIVERSITY KA FEEL TO YAHIN HAIN. But that does not mean that South campus is not as cool as north campus, it has its own charm that only student belonging to it can understand. Delhi University is incomplete without these two campus .Wait, I just forgot to mention the third campus, THE OFF CAMPUS, this campus is almost nonexistent. But even this is a part of Delhi University .North and south campus are like the big politicians and off campus is like a common man. As SRK said, “Never underestimate the power of a common man”. To be true none of the student want to get into an off campus college. Everyone dreams of north campus but not all of them make it.  But do not think that off campus colleges are not good enough .Although you will find people talking shit about the off campus colleges but do not trust anyone until you have seen or experienced it.

It is a myth that off campus colleges are not as good as north or south campus colleges and let me tell you that you need to clear this myth out of your head. The course and the syllabus being offered by these colleges are same as it is for north and south campus. There is nothing like teachers are less qualified. No matter in which campus one teaches the qualification required and the salary given is same .So, one cannot say that off campus is lagging behind in the field of education. These colleges are less heard of because no one talks about them. Some colleges have been on the top for such a long time that people ignore other colleges that are rising up. We people have created a not so good image of off campus and because of this most of us does not see the good it posses. North campus have 10 or 11 colleges, south campus hardly have 9 colleges and rest belongs to off campus (these figures may not be right but still they are close around). So, it can give you an idea that life is just not in north or south campus.

Why it is not a bad idea to be in an OFF CAMPUS COLLEGE ?

I admit that it does not give you the feel of being in a campus but just because of this reason you cannot judge any college. Off campus colleges are as good as others but it is just that the north campus has gained most of the fame leaving less limelight for other colleges. There are many off campus colleges that are way too good in infrastructure than main campus college. If you go through the cut offs of the last few years of the off campus colleges than you can see that even their cut offs are high. It is not easy to get admission in these colleges as it seems to be.  It is not that off campus students are not smart and intelligent .They are as same as the one studying in north campus. There is only a difference of 1 %or 2 % that divides them.

I know most of the students want a seat in North Campus College but after spending two years in Delhi University, there is one thing that I want to tell all the aspirants that do not choose colleges on the basis of their campus and crowd. The main thing that needs to be locked in your head is that choose the course that will take you closer to your dreams. I have met people who chose college over course and now they are cursing themselves. Take that thing out of your mind that life is in north campus. It is up to you what type of a person you are and how your friends are. A top college is nothing if your course doesn’t interests you and a less heard college is everything if you study what you love. Off campus colleges have different societies and department that are doing good work but are less recognized. These colleges keep organizing different seminars and workshops to keep their students updated.

I hope you guys can understand how important it is to give preference to courses rather than the college. I think I should not hide anything from you. When I have talked about why it is not a bad idea to be in an off campus college then I should also tell you the troubles that a student of an off campus college go through. Well, these problems are not so big .Peeps like you can handle this very well.

  1. Most of the time you can find yourself lonely and alone because there is hardly any college around yours. Yours is the only one in that whole locality. It is not as crowded as north campus.

  2. Your college attracts fewer crowd in fest time. You can barely find new faces in the crowd, the same old faces because very few gets to know about your fests and the far away location is also an obstacle.

  3. The big problem is for the outsider students. It is hard to find PG around the college and if there is any than the price will be too high.

  4. North campus has Kamla and Tibetan market so south campus has Lajpat, Greater Kailash, Sarojini, Hauz Khas and so many places but there are rarely any hang out places around an off campus college.

  5. When it comes to campus placement then the chances for the students are less because the recruiters first go to main campus and at last they make their way to off campus colleges .Till the time they reach you, the vacancies are almost filled.

  Well, this is all that I can tell you. One thing that is important is your career so, go for the college that offers what you want to study. Take the concept of campus out of your mind.  Stop hearing what others say. Go for the best college not the campus. Just not look after north or south campus’ cut off, keep an eye on off campus’ colleges too. Maybe this is place where you belong.

 All the best.

-Ekta Yadav


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