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According to UGC, a graduate student of the new four-year UG program will be able to take admission in Ph.D. very soon.

University Grants Commission (UGC) will announce the new rules. It will be for admission in Ph.D. It will include the syllabus for the studies that will finish in four years under the graduation program.

The UGC is also restructuring the syllabus framework within small intervals. However, Some teachers, as well as teachers’ bodies, are against this.

Professor Mithuraaj Dhusiya is a Member of the Academic Council of the University of Delhi. It exhibits that both MoE, as well as UGC and consequently universities, are ill-prepared. It will enforce NEP from the academic year 2022-23.

Lowering several credit hours in the range of 120-132 for 3 around years and 160-176 for four years. This will not only devalue degrees but also lead to the enormous decline of workload as well as teaching jobs.

Reportedly students will be studying common courses from humanities, social sciences, mathematics, as well as vocational education. Students will study these for the first 3 semesters and then agree on what major, minor they want to choose. This was all said by professor Dhusiya.

As per him, this methodology is a big waste. It will ensure that students will not get sufficient time to pursue their area of specialization. It will lead to the minimization of the admission in the Ph.D. degree itself. If they enable to take admission in Ph.D. straight after 4 years of an undergraduate course.

Professor Abha Dev of Delhi University said that The vast majority of students in higher education are undergraduates. As per the 2019-20 AISHE report, undergraduates constitute around 3.06 crore out of a total of 3.85 crores. The FYUP scheme formulated is going to dumb down UG studies for this huge majority.

Despite opposition, DU is presently educating syllabi for an FYUP framework of around 176 credits. We are shocked to note that we are not even able to save 2nd 3rd of the course subject.

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The reason is several hours of study have been lessened as opposed to the current system of 3-year Choice Based Credit System of 148 credits. She said The honors degree will get reduced as well as teachers will face a job loss.



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