Four drunk DU students accused of stalking ‘Smriti Irani’


A case has been filed against four boys of Delhi University for chasing Union textile minister ‘Smriti Irani’s’ car around Chanakyapuri in central Delhi on Saturday evening .  The matter came into notice when minister’s personal security officer made a call to police control room around 5:18 pm when the vehicle of boys tried to overtake them twice.  

According to him, four people in Hyundai Santro were following minister’s car near Moti Bagh flyover and trying to overtake them. Boys were also accused of indulging in obscene gestures and outraging the modesty of a woman. Immediately, action was taken and with the help of PCR van, the car was intercepted near the US Embassy. Despite trying to flee, they were caught and taken into custody.

After a medical examination, presence of alcohol was confirmed in their blood. It was found that the four boys of age group 18-19 years  belong to Ram Lal Anand College of Delhi University and stay in PG in vasant village. They were coming back from friend’s birthday party and consumed alcohol there after which they were roaming for fun in the area. The vehicle used by the four boys was hired.

Till Saturday night accused boys were detained at Chanakyapuri police station and on Sunday morning they were formally arrested for stalking and insulting modesty of woman. Accused boys were later released on bail.

According to a source accused boys apologized for their actions and agreed that they have flouted rule .  They said that they were not aware of minister inside car when they overtook her car and was just making funny video for Instagram.

Eventually this mirrors the height of crime rate in Delhi. If such incident was faced by a minster with Z security , we can imagine how much precarious situation are faced by common people in Delhi.

By Anushikha Chaudhary


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