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On the lines of Harvard, for the first time in the country, Delhi technological University’s online examination will be conducted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) based proctoring. Delhi Technological University (DTU) is going to use this system in the online examination of B.Tech final year students.

There is absolutely no chance of duplication in this because during the online examination running with the software, the third eye of the computer keeps an eye on every action of the student. Twice the student gets a warning and the third time he is dropped out of the examination directly.





While the faculty has started making question papers. Apart from this, a demo of this online exam is also going on at the university. University management can start the exam on 15 May. In this, 1760 students of 14 B.Tech courses will participate. So far this system has been used in GMAT and GRE exams conducted for admission to MBA.

Proctoring is a software that works based on artificial intelligence. The student’s computer gets connected to this software during this system test. A camera mounted on a computer or laptop monitors.


Due to artificial intelligence, there is complete monitoring of the movement of the eyes and hands of the student. For example, for the use of a mobile or book, the distance of the fingerprint from the keyboard is there, there is no one else in the room.


It all monitors the software through the third eye of the camera. Through this, the warning is issued as soon as the student turns, turns or moves back and forth. The third warning after two leaves the student out of the exam.

Preparation from Google Classroom and Google Meet

The last semester, under DTU’s academic calendar, ends on May 8. After the lockdown started, the university has made complete preparations by connecting all the students to online classes through Google Classroom and Google Meet.

The examination will be full proof, no scope of copying

Vice-Chancellor of DTU Prof. Yogesh Singh said that online examination is an absolutely safe medium with AI based proctoring system. The students will, of course, be taking the exams at home, but they will be fully monitored through software.




The two-hour online examination of BTech Final Year at DTU will be based on three modes Subjective, Multiple Choice, and Case Study with Presentation. For this, tenders are being invited from companies making proctoring software.


There is absolutely no chance of duplication in this, because, during the online examination running with the software, the third eye of the computer keeps an eye on every action of the student. Twice the student gets a warning and the third time he is dropped out of the examination directly.

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  1. I think Vice Chancellor Mr Yogesh singh must also knkw that DTU has not teaching facilities like Harvard. Even considering the students from different places, it should also be considered whether they have laptops/computer, proper internet connectivity. Infact during exam, a students as usual moves to straight his body posture, looks somtimes upwards to think, but in that software if you move you will be given warning twice and moved out of the exam. Continuously for the 2 hrs, no one can sit in a single straight posture.,specially when you are on a computer. Let the VC sit for 2 hrs and then check.
    This is not going to be a good mean for examination. Yet, VC should also consider whether during online classes how much students attend the class, whether they understand or not. No, The only thing is exam and only exam. Thats why Indian education system is going to hell because no one considers whether students get anything or not yet college is always ready to take exams.

  2. Online classes are not being held. Most of the students are stuck in remote areas of India with limited or no network at all. Students were suddenly asked to leave the hostel, many left there notes, laptops and other resources in Hostels and PG. This is just a way to earn cookie points but I don’t think that anyone will write about our issues.

    Those who are not able attend this exam due to network issue or any other issue will end up losing their jobs and higher education opportunities because college won’t give the degree without the exam. Typical of Indian education system. It’s sad that you’re glorifying this.

    Instead of all this, internal grading could’ve been done.


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