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The time has come when the college gates will be opening for freshers. Starting college is really a new and exciting experience. It was two years ago when I joined college and I had all the butterflies in my stomach. Starting of this new life is no doubt full of excitement but there are so many things that you need to know about starting the college. Here are some things that I learned as a fresher and I hope this will also help you and will make it little bit easier for you.

1. Explore Every Corner

Spend your first week in exploring your college. From library to washroom, medical room, rest room, canteen, Principal office and every corner of your college. You will feel a sense of belonging. If you are not well known to the corners of your college then surely you will feel like a stranger who has been thrown here from another planet. Drag yourself through each and every event, I know some of you don’t like being in a crowd but trust me, this will help you. This is the time when each and every society will organize its orientation program and it will help you to decide which one to choose. This is the time to meet new people and make friends so that you do not feel like a loner.

2. Attend Lectures

When I was about to start my college, I thought that it is not meant to attend classes, that is what Bollywood showed us. I always heard that it is about bunking and having fun. But the reality is not this. Do not miss your classes, as it is your first year the most important thing is to attend the classes. Course structure here is almost different than what you have followed in school. So, do attend classes because you never know when your Professor will come up something important.  Bunk some but only some. Make notes of everything important that Professor teaches in class. It will surely help you at the end of your semester. Attendance is also important as you gain marks for it and even 5 marks matter at the end of it.

3. Go For Societies and Clubs

Every college has different societies and clubs that give opportunity to add new experience in student’s life. Trust me these make your college experience ten times better. You come around different kind of people with different thinking and creative mind. Being around intelligent and smart people will also have positive effect on you. There are plethora of societies, from dance to music, drama, debating, photography, art and culture and many others. If you are confident and interested, you can even start your own. There are social organizations that are connected to your college and be a part of them, it will surely add to your experience.

4. Be Friend With Your Seniors

It is a myth that seniors are the cruelest people you meet in the college .If you still have that in your mind than please, throw it away. Delhi University is strictly against ragging. To be true, I feel like my seniors are the best person that I got to know and it is sad that they will not be here anymore. Meet your seniors, talk to them, know about your course, teachers and their nickname .They are the experienced one, no one else will tell you the secrets of your Professors and department. Be in touch with them, they can also help you in your exams time, borrowing notes and books will be much easier for you. They are the one you can turn to when you feel helpless in any situation.

5. Be In Touch With Your Professors

They are the one who will help you with course problems, career confusion, cancelling of classes and your departmental trip. They are the most important people in your college life. My professors have been very supportive and understanding. They just not help you in solving your academic conflicts but you can even find a friend in them. You can also request them to postpone the date for internals and assignment submission. Getting to know them can also be beneficial when you feel like you are lagging behind in a concept or two; they schedule extra classes for the same.

6. Be in Your Equilibrium State

College life is a mixture of social and academic events. It depends on you how you balance yourself. Being too much into books will keep you away from experiencing new things and spending too much time in society’s events and other activities can have negative effect on your studies. Don’t fill any of the glasses above the maximum limit.

So, you have passed your board exams, secured good marks and been accepted into the college – so enjoy this life while working hard for your career.  Don’t be the same, change yourself, make good friends, and be in touch with your seniors and professors. Take advantage of every single opportunity, enjoy while learning but keep an eye on your goal. Get the most out of your college experience.

– Ekta Yadav


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