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The admission process hassle in the Delhi University has come to a brake. The students must be very excited about their college life and been preparing for a while to give it a great start. All the pampering and the protective shield of school will not be visible in college but various societies, friends and your interaction will make your journey cherishing and more memorable.

Here are some things to keep in mind for the first day of college :

1. Important Documents – The students must remember to carry the passport-sized photograph, identity proof, important documents, water bottle, diary and a pen along with them in the initial days of the college. Further, you can apply for the college identity card for which you will require government-approved identity proof ( with photocopies) and multiple passport-size pictures.

2. Anti – Ragging Measures – Delhi University is very particular with the safety and security of the students and thus, have taken anti-ragging measures in place, including a helpline, along with police vigilance. Students should not feel inferior about anything and should speak for their rights in case they feel exploited in any manner. In case of any problem, students can contact 27667221 and 24119832 for north campus and south campus respectively or just 1801805522 for both campuses.

3. Commute – The students should carry the respective maps when they travel or take the help of mobile apps offered by the DTC (bus service) and Delhi Metro (train service). During a meeting with DU representatives, DTC and Delhi Metro Corporation have assured assistance through signboards and security to students.

4. Time Really Matters – The expression ‘ first impression is the last impression is not just in air. Your respect to the time proves your sincerity and seriousness on the very first day. Since you are naive and are not used to the campus, finding classrooms, seminar rooms, auditorium etc. may create some chaos if you are itself late in your initial days. It’s really uncool to be a late comer plus being on time will help you break the ice with your new friends.

5. Get the right attitude –  The best way to win the hearts is to have the right attitude and an open mind. Try to have a go-getter attitude with your cheerful smile so that you are easily approachable. Try not to be judgemental and have an open mind towards the things happening around you. Observe your surroundings and then react as things might be quite new to you but everything falls in place once you are introduced to everyone. Be open to new people to have a better communication and even their experiences will help you to grow.

6. Revamp yourself – The best thing is to being cosy with yourself. Wear simple comfortable clothes without accessorizing much as it may look much clumsy and will make you particularly different from others.

‘The best outfit to wear is the confidence is not said just in vain. Be yourself, be confident, be expressive and everything will work out.

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Opt for a bag that has enough space to carry all the important study materials besides your knick-knacks and the footwear that you feel comfortable in as you will have to explore a lot of your campus on your first day.

7. Stay Updated – There is a high chance that you miss out any important notification or announcement of the event which is around the corner. So, keep your senses alert and try to avoid the anxiety pangs which is extremely normal on your first day of college. Read every notice which you come across. Don’t get too carried away by the new environment and never hesitate to ask for help from your faculty or the seniors.

The college life will be a whole-time new experience for your entire life. So, never hesitate and step up for your new journey with lots of enthusiasm and high spirits. All the best and cheers to being a part of Delhi University.

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~Rakshita Aggarwal


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