DU UG Admission 2021

Delhi University is deciding to prepone the summer vacation from 15 April to 15 May due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Moreover, Delhi University is also deciding to promote 1st year and 2nd-year students to the next year without any examination, but the final decision is yet to be taken by the authorities.

Delhi University officers suggest to have only third-year examination in a video conference meeting, the decision of Vice-Chancellor is yet pending.

Discussions held between the senior officials of Delhi University:

The meeting was held between the senior officials of Delhi University in which they discussed, the semester examination. A teacher present in the video conference meeting of Delhi University told that the number of 1st-year students is higher than 2nd-year student and similarly, the number of 2nd-year students is higher than the 3rd year students. The discussion in the meeting was about a suggestion to cancel the examination of 1st and 2nd-year students and to promote them in the next year. If this can be possible then the 3rd year examination will be less challenging for the university. The Vice-Chancellor will have to take a final decision on this.

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Discussion On the practical examinations and IA:

There is also a discussion for IA (Internal Assessment) and practical exams during this meeting. If lockdown get extended by the Prime Minister then only the practical examination will be held for the first and second-year students, or they will just get promoted. The decision is yet pending. Only third-year students will be screened.

Delhi University has decided to postpone the exams due to COVID-19 outbreak:

A notice has been published by the Delhi University on the official site of DU. According to this notice the Examinations(Theory and Practical) of the students of Regular Colleges, School of Open Learning, Non-Collegiate Women Education Board and Ex-Students are hereby postponed till further notice. The new dates for the examination will be announced later by the Delhi University.

Two of IIT’s declared holidays due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus:

IIT Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur had already declared a holiday because of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown announced by our Prime Minister. This decision was taken in force by these Universities to protect the students from this virus. Moreover, IIT Delhi has not taken any decision yet.

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~Neha Dhingra

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  1. This is totally unacceptable.
    Final year students exams should be cancelled and they should be given GPA based on Average of 5 Semesters or the 5th Semester.
    They need to start Focusing on CAT , CA , UPSC or any other course.
    The First and Second Year students can give it as back papers next year or even after the new session starts as they have to be in College premises.
    But we need to move on.

  2. sir i live in brahampuri street number 23 yha pr 2 corona patient positive h aur humari gali ko seal krdia h pls paper cancel krvadijie ??

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    I would like to suggest Only theory exam shall be conduct within week & what about back paper????

  4. Why du is doing so unfair to us even we have given the exams of the all 5 semester they have our records of past performance in the theory and practicals. The 1st and 2nd year student can give exams anytime when the lock down will open we 3rd year student can’t bear to extend our session we need to see our future also.
    This is totally unfair

  5. Exam nhi hone chahiye kyuki online class net issue ki wjh se ho nhi pari sahi se. Aur book issue bhi hora h. Class bhi nhi hori corona ki wjh se. Pta ni sb kese hoga.

  6. I really think, exams are lesser of a priority considering the outbreak of this deadly virus. Why is DU being so adamant about holding exams, especially for 1&2years? They still have time till they graduate. Focus should moreover be on the 3rd heart students. I don’t understand; is it about DU’s image? NcoV is anxiety provoking. Exams are just adding to the anxiety. I really am not in the favor of exams.
    (Second year student of DU)

  7. In my opinion,first& second year exams should cancel due to covid19. bcoz they dont have books to prepare well and to attend online classes is not possible for every student.
    so, its a humble request to cancel the exams so that they can look forward to next year instead of worrying about this year exam and waiting for their result which can take much time.

    • Sir please this is a small request to you my opinion is that exams is not important our life is most important first and second year exam should cancel bz they don’t have books to prepare well and to attend online classes is not possible for every student please give us gernal promotion 😭😭

  8. 1st & 2nd year students must be promoted to the next year without any examination bcoz if exams will held then it must be very dangerous to allof the student who will urge to go to attend the examinations


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