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HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal in a special session DNA- parents minister meet with zee news said that they are making amendments in the guidelines and recommendations keeping in mind the prevailing situation. He asserted that as per UGC guidelines intermediate students will be promoted on the basis of internal assessments previous semester markings.

HRD Minster further proclaimed that examinations for final year students scheduled in July will not be terminated. It is mandatory to conduct examination for the final year students. Lately, CBSE board exams for class 10th and 12th students were declared canceled which aroused hope in final year students for cancellation of their upcoming open-book exams. The HRD minister has made it clear that exams for final year students will not be canceled and will be commenced on the scheduled dates. As per the HRD minister, students failing to appear for final year exams due to health problems or existing situations can give examination when the situation gets backs to normal.

Speaking of ease in markings and declaration of results he asserted that if a student feels unsatisfied with the declared result, he/she can apply for revaluation later or can sit for pen and paper exam when the situation gets stable. Ramesh Pokhriyal asserted that a committee has been formed for evaluating the process and suggesting measures to ease the problems of students.


JEE Mains is planned to be conducted from 18th July to 23 July and the NEET exams are scheduled to be conducted on 26 July. He asserted that class 12th students are happy with the decision of canceling exams. He further affirmed that due to shut down of coaching centers NTA app has been launched to help students study at their homes. Till now 10 lakh students have installed the app on their phones.


While speaking of CBSE’s remaining exams Pokhriyal asserted that HRD planned earlier to conduct remaining exams from 1st July 2020. He further concluded that keeping in mind the ongoing situation, the remaining exams have been canceled. When asked about reopening schools he asserted that schools may reopen by mid-August and online classes will go on for the time being as the syllabus for class 12th has already been reduced. A task force formulated by UGC is examining the situation and the schools and colleges in the country will reopen only when the situation allows them to do so.



  1. Like aviation minister Mr. Puri, this education minister is one another hopeless minister in Midi’s team. Without any plan and preparation he is only talking nonsense in front of media. Can he explain how, where and when he will take final exams when there is no sign of lifting of total lockdown in near future, when corona cases are increasing leaps and bounds every day. How the students will reach at examination centres. All these bogus ministers are destroying Midi’s efforts by impractical and illogical statements before media.

  2. This should not be done i am not happy with the decisions even after knowing the current situation they are doing nothing for the students for there welfare atleast we should be given a one time opportunity as we have spend a lot of time in examinations and studies wat will happen if they pass the final year students in the basis of previous results this should not be done totally disappointed we are not in a good state of mind at all due to this covid19 breakdown…..

  3. In the certain situation നമ്മൾ കേരളത്തിലെ പിള്ളേര് എങ്ങനെ exam എഴുതും….

  4. Such an illogical comments on the final year exams!! is he out of his mind or what? on which basis he’s talking about conducting exams? specially when the country is not only facing corona pandemic but floods, forest fires etc

    • Final year students or I year or II year or X or XII students are all human beings only. Why this discrimination? Sir pls consider the present situation. Human lives are more important. Exams can wait. Don’t put so many lives at stake. Kindly reconsider

  5. Just one simple question for the honorable minister. If exams could be conducted for final year students, why was it not conducted for non final year students?

  6. 50%portion completed usmay Annual day, Sports day, Parents day, Aur kayi functions tho ham kya thak liken ? Sir ji 1year cancel hogaya tho kuch nahi jayega cancel kardijiye

  7. Who will take d responsibility if something happens to d student ??
    What will you do wd exams
    If u effect wd corona ??
    Is degree Is that much imp than life???

  8. Due to covid 19 mid march school were closed and a poOr student cannot affort an android phone so exam should be cancelled

  9. Hopeless minister and the current central government. If you see to the world around acedamic year of 2020 2021 has been dropped by other countries like USA and UK. But here this government don’t care about the health of student. They are forcefully put the life of student bas well as their families in danger.

  10. Am also a final year student of i feel that no exam shd be cancelled according to me specially for a final year student as well let it get dely but do not cancel from my side

  11. Such na unplanned decision by ministry …we have not been completed with the syllabus yet ..and when lockdown started only 20% of our syllabus was completed …wt to write their in exams and wt syllabus …totally unplanned situation without thinking of the present situation and the syllabus done 🥺

  12. Who made him the hrd minister yrr mtlb hd h discrimination sidha sidha kre h y mtlb hd h inko bethao exam centre m saalo ko roj august tk saalon ko pata chlega

  13. sir app kyu student ki prob. nahi samacha raha ha, agar open book exam posible nahi ha toi app all student ko promot kyu nahi kar rahe ha ,agra kisi student ko corona ho ya uski family ma koi ho to app hi socha kya vo exam de payega open book hi sahi vo nahi de apyega ,to uska future kharab ,uska saal kharab fir sir. sir up,maharasatra,haryana jase state ka student promot ho sakte ha toi delhi universite kyu nahi ,pls reguest sir


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