DU exam round 2
source : indian express

Delhi University officials that the DU exam round 2 was smoother than the first round with almost all papers completed in the second cycle of its Open Book Examination, especially with a significant drop in the number of answer script submissions via email instead of the university exam portal.

The university had received around 5.5 lakh answer scripts through email in the first cycle of OBE held between August and September. Some students are still awaiting their results as it led to a prolonged and labor-intensive evaluation process. The glitches faced by students while trying to upload on the portal had resulted in a large number of email submissions.

The Delhi University had actively dissuaded the students in DU Exam round 2 from sending their answer scripts via email.

DS Rawat Dean (Examinations) said that he came up with the idea that students can send their scripts to the nodal officers if all else fails and if they are unable to submit through the portal within five hours. They received around 3,800 emails despite this, on the first day. After this, he sent a detailed email directly to the 1.5 lakh students instead of a notification on the Delhi University website, in order to explain to them the options available within five hours. He sent the same email in Hindi as well when college authorities told him that some students cannot understand English.


On the second day, he said that the number of emails was reduced to 1,200. In a day, after that, there was an average of 10-15 email submission per college.

The nodal officer at the College of Vocational Studies, Ashutosh Kumar, said that in the first few days, many students at the college submitted answer scripts through email. He said that students of different vocational programs having common papers found that only the students of one program were receiving the question paper on the portal. These students had shared the question papers with each other but the students were left with no other option than to submit the answers through email. On those three days, they received around 500 emails. The numbers dropped to 50 per day once the problem was fixed.





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