A perfect shadow of selflessness. The only person in this entire planet who sacrifices his dreams and ambitions in order to fulfill his child’s desires. One who is always there for us, in real terms. No matter what he is going through, he still never misses any chance to pick gifts for the family. 

The one who acts hard from outside but possesses the world’s sweetest heart. One who holds the child’s fingers for a short time but his back forever. Our real-life hero. Our superman. Our father!

The heavenly blessing is disguised in the shape of fathers. He is the one-stop solution to every problem, but sometimes, your mother needs to help you! 

They express less and laugh at rare moments in life. Fathers have the copyright to have the least expressions on the face. 

Behind the staggered faces of our fathers, there lies a huge amalgamation of love and sacrifices. 

We always wish to know the real side of our fathers. The other side which they never showed us, or maybe we haven’t noticed. 

The lack of communication, an outcome of busy lives,  was a major barrier between the child and the father. 

I know, this year, we have faced a lot of awful situations and the breakage of the deadly viruses. But the only good aspect of this was, we came closer to our dads. Aren’t we? 

The lockdown imposed all over the country made the offices and firms closed and this gave us an excellent chance to know the real self of our fathers which they always used to hide. 

In the three months lockdown, I am sure, we all have spent quality time with our dads and seen the different traits of them as well. 

We have created a lot of happy moments with them during this period and met their original personalities which were earlier covered under their staggered face. 

Below, are shortlisted some fun moments with our dads in this lockdown phase. 

How many of you have seen your father preparing finger-licking dinner for the family before lockdown? I guess, quite a few of us! We got to see the master chefs in our home! 

The exotic smell of herbs and spices from kitchen, where your father didn’t allow your mother till the time he cooks, and with his endeavors and excellent hidden skill, you must have tasted one of the best homes made dishes!

  •  Showing concerns and care

Most of us compare our father as an “angry old man” or even, sometimes, “Mocambo”. It is a universal truth that they won’t let their face suggest what they are feeling inside. 

But here in the lockdown, when so many things turned upside down, why wouldn’t in case of our dads! This period has altered our dad’s all-time same expressionless faces and turned into a face portraying inner feelings. 

The care and concern which he always does, but confined,  now comes on his face. Reading the newspaper or watching the news channel, we can see how he cares for all of us. Every precautionary measure, maybe from Whatsapp, is described to us. 

A few days back, I had a fever and I could see my father, doing all the activities which could make me feel comfortable and better. Not that earlier he didn’t do this but in these catastrophic conditions, He was able to convey his concerns to us which he could have never done before. 


  • Self-care sessions with dad


We know self-care is important and we all must have one. But our supreme ‘dads’ never had time for this. Maximum, what they do is to shave their beard or trim the hair. 

But thanks to this lockdown and our constant efforts, they actually tried some self-care activities. 

They allowed us to put some herbal face packs on the face and color the grey hairs. Also, to intoxicate the body, fathers along with the child have started meditation. 

It all went too well that yesterday he himself came and said “vo tera face pack lga de, acha tha”, and that’s amazing, finally they started thinking about themselves. 

  • Reviving the past memories 


You must have gone through the old albums kept inside the cupboard for so long. Where you saw the old photographs of your father and must think, “Kitna handsome the mere papa yar!”. And your father watching his collage photos and claiming “Apne College ka hero tha mai”, and your mother grinned.

Seeing the wedding photos, recalling some old memories, bits of laughter spread all around. 

It felt so good to know more about your father by the photos and remembrances attached to it. 

  • Playing fun games 

As kids, our fathers used to play with us during the Sunday picnics or indoor festivities, but with the change in time, we lost our gaming partner. 

During this period, we all have experienced the fun moments, playing with our dads. Ludo, carom board, chess, and video games. The happy rare smiling face we obtain is just priceless. 

  • Bridging the generation gap

We always wanted to have a conversation with our parents especially with our dads with certain things. But due to certain reasons, we couldn’t. This pandemic arose many debatable topics and we had a discussion about them. The fathers paid attention to whatever they said and vice versa. 

We communicated, spent a good time, and started understanding each other, which I think is the best advantage of this lockdown. 


Although, being tough times, we got to know our first man, our fathers, better. From playing on their belly to make them exercise to reduce one, we all grew up. 

This fathers’ day, let’s thank our dad for their constant effort and putting us first before him. 

Let’s congratulate them on being an outstanding father and celebrate the day with him.  






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