European Sex Championship: Sweden Recognises Sex as Sport 

European Sex Championship

For the first time, Sweden has recognised sex as a sport and it is all prepared to hold the first European Sex Championship. The event will begin on 8 June 2023 and will continue for weeks. This event will be conducted by the Swedish Sex Federation as per the reports.

Till now, Sweden has received the registration of 20 participants from different countries. Further, the contestants will compete for six hours each day for several weeks. And, participants will perform the activities for 45 minutes to an hour. 

According to Dragan Bratych, President of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych recognising sex as a sport will promote mental and physical well-being. Moreover, he talked about the importance of training before the competition to achieve desired results. 

European Sex Championship: Juries and Audience Will Decide the Winners

As per the federation, the winners of the sex championship will be decided by a panel of five judges and an audience. Furthermore, 70% of the total votes will be considered from the audience’s side. And remaining 30% of votes from judges will be considered. 

Participants will Compete in 16 Disciplines

The people who will participate in the European Sex Championship will compete around in 16 disciplines. These include:

  • Seduction
  • Prelude
  • Massage of various parts of the body
  • Massage of erotic zones on the opponent’s body
  • Oral sex
  • Penetration
  • Endurance
  • Appearance
  • Pose Performance
  • Artistic performance and exchange of postures
  • Endurance and The Number of Orgasms
  • Creativity in Change of Position.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate during competition.
  • The most beautiful and difficult position 
  • Artistic communication
  • Most active couple

Besides, the first European Sex Championship will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Moreover, it will start on 8 June and will observe the participation of various European countries.



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