Delhi fire breaks out

Delhi Tughlakabad: The police and fire unit took out all the slum inmates in time even as head were fast numb.

An enormous fire broke out in the slums of South-East Delhi’s Tughlakabad region on Monday night.
A call was collected at 12.50 am and 28 fire motors were rushed to the area, a fire department official said.
The police and fire bureau took out all the slum inhabitants in time even as highest was fast asleep.

The fire was curbed at around 3:40 am, but around 1500 shanties were burnt, evacuating Hundreds of people homeless. The government is now evaluating the loss.
Police received proof about a fire at around 1 am slums in Tughlakabad. All police staff arrived here immediately. It is being said that around 1,000-1,200 shanties caught blaze,” said Rajendra Prasad Meena, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

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People were sent out of their shanties after a fire broke. Still, it couldn’t be inquired as it is a big fire, he said.

Firefighting systems are underway and no fatality has been reported so far.
Although It was an enormous fire break in Delhi still All the people are safe. But many people are homeless after this.



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