After completing high school getting employed is the ultimate task of every student. With this rapidly changing world where industries keep on upgrading itself every day, securing a satisfactory job is not a piece of cake. We all know the importance of higher education and a degree. It is quite known to everyone that if one does not have a technical degree, the probability of getting a job decreases to a great extent. But In the real world, there are certain examples likes Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who have achieved remarkable positions in entrepreneurship without any degree. This leads to the question –which is better Education or work experience? Here are few points that can answer you.

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An advantage of Education and work experience:

Education fills individuals with abilities and skills required in a particular field. A degree in a particular field act as an evidence for making sure of candidate’s ability. They tell about the expertise of candidate in particular field and guarantee that candidate have minimum required knowledge of that field.

Higher education and other diploma courses help students in getting into new areas. For example, many technical people who want to advance will earn the certification of course in order to move into a position of greater responsibility and hence will have an increase in salary. These days education is just not about learning theoretical aspects of job given in industry but it also helps in enhancing the overall personality of students.

On the other side, many recruiters look for candidates with work experience. Candidates who do not meet the minimum requirement of work experience are turned down. The reason for HR’s behind selecting candidates on the basis of work experience is that work experience polishes the skills of the employee. Work experience inculcates problem-solving skills, teamwork and communication skills in the employee which are definite assets for the company.

There are many advantages of choosing work experience over education. Work experience teaches real-life skills. With work experience, the employee learns about his/her strengths and weaknesses in that career field. Work experience is like a hit and trial method which gives you an idea of what to choose and what not to.  Employers who have work experience are more confident about the job work. They are more acknowledged with the tactics for impressing employers.

What we can conclude:

We can see both have their beneficial points. There are points which prove that work experience in education is more helpful in real world and points that prove education provide more enhanced skills. Reality is that education is always set as a prerequisite condition for candidates appearing for interviews. These days, companies look for the person who is agile, adaptive and responsive along with the pool of knowledge. A technical degree provides that required knowledge and work experience injects such admiring qualities in employees through certain task and activities.

The answer of question-which provide the better job? also depend on the factor –career field. There are some specific career fields like sales job which require experience in education. Similarly, there are some high tech fields which require education and degree for excelling in the field. Hence, we can conclude ‘education’ and ‘work experience’ both need to go hand in hand with better job opportunities.

Anushikha Chaudhary


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