The 21-day physical lockdown has shoved the entire world to seek relief and de-stress through online means of entertainment. A smarter thing fto do during this time would be to hone your skills or discover a new one rather than succumbing to the lockdown spell. Having said that, we present to you today a pandemic-proof skill game that can help you earn real money and also has the potential to be a vital part of your daily routine in the long run.

Enter Online Poker.

Poker is a skill game to earn real money that is gradually enjoying increased love and fame among the young and thriving Indian poker community. Thanks to the internet boom, online poker has been a thumping valid extension of this skill game that has successfully roped in millions of players in India over the years to play professional poker and earn real money.

A Skill Game that can make you a Millionaire

Online poker came into news since Chris MoneyMaker, an accountant who hit the felts online and qualified to the Main Event of World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2003 to become a world champ bagging a 2.5 million USD prize money along with the prestigious WSOP bracelet.

Since then, online poker never had the time to look back as the money earning skill game literally became anyone’s game that can be cracked by any player with the right skillset and earn substantial real money solely through one’s skills.

We say, you take this quarantine spell to your advantage and play this skill game to earn real money and become a legit part of the Indian poker community. To make sure you belong to this field, let us highlight the skillset you need to acquire to become a successful poker player.

  1. Strategic Analysis
  2. Basic Mathematics
  3. Logical Thinking
  4. Decision Making Skills
  5. Reverse Psychology

If you think, you got these skills ingrained to your bones and take the time to polish them in the long run, then poker is the skill game you should go for today if you wish to earn real money the smart way. Live poker real money games in India are comparatively rare and with upcoming live games and tourneys being postponed until further notice, online poker seems to fit the bill during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Online poker portals in India go Boom!

The popularity of real money games in India has grown exponentially and online poker is partaking generously in this exciting evolution. Poker portals are on a steady rise, busy hosting scores of money earning games and tournaments of poker religiously.

It is an exciting time for online poker in India where you can see poker pros crushing deep at the online felts and winning unprecedented real money at some of India’s biggest ever online poker tournaments. So, today, we bring to you a lucrative set of online poker opportunities through which you too can begin to earn real money starting today!

PokerBaazi: India’s Licensed and Most Trusted Website

In operation since 2014, PokerBaazi (PB), an online poker portal has been hosting money earning games of poker and major online poker tournaments for poker players across India to earn real money and add to their tally of professional winnings.

Over the years, the gaming portal has successfully created an attractive number of champions across tournaments featuring various stakes and guarantees. It’s most recent launch was the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) 2020 that witnessed the largest ever prize pool of 7.3+ Crores spread across 60 tournaments in a 10 day online poker series.

However, we shall leave such high value tournaments for the poker pros to crack for now. Meanwhile, we have few awesome money earning games and tournaments lined up for you, so that you too play enough and graduate towards the winner’s circle when the time comes.

So, here are some daily promotions that are running on PokerBaazi this April for a solid start in your quest to earn real money today.

  • Free Entry Tournaments (FETs)

Play the FETs for free and stand multiple chances to win from a prize pool of INR 25 LAC every month. These are perfect tourneys to hone your poker skills at your own pace as well as earn real money online for free.

  • Daily 50K GTD

This poker tournament rolls six days a week except Sundays and you can join the tables for minimal buy-ins of INR 100 to play for a 50K prize pool at 8:30 pm prime time. An ideal grind for those who are seeking tournament exposure for minimum investment.

  • PokerBaazi Bankroll Builder Series (PBBS)

For those who have played enough FETs, join this innovative multi-day multi-event tourney series on the 4th Monday of every month for buy-ins as low as INR 15 and enjoy some high octane action to earn your share of real money from a 6 figure prize pool.

Wrapping up

Now that you know online poker portals in India are brimming with money earning skill games and excellent tournaments to cater to players of all degrees, join the celebration online to contest your skills among nationwide poker players and make each day of your quarantine spell count starting right away!

The countdown begins!

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