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Dyal Singh Evening College is all set to become morning college after years of struggle and fight, but the process comes with its own share of controversy. The varsity cleared the proposal on Friday under the chairmanship of vice chancellor Yogesh Tyagi. However, DU Joint Secretary Rajesh Jaga said that he had raised the issues “that the signature of Dyal Singh Morning College Principal are fake on the proposal, but the issue got rejected. The principal of Evening college Dr Pawan Kumar Sharma has called the allegations ‘baseless’ saying that Dr Bakshi had signed on the papers in his and president of steering committee’s presence and therefore any probe is not required.

Dyal Singh College came to be known as “evening college” in 1958 in independent India where mostly the employed pursued studies in the evening hours. But with time, the college gets admission from unemployed people, and so the demand for morning colleges grew. The way the flow of “Outstation students’ is increasing in Delhi university every year, there is need for more morning colleges. “We haven’t had any working students for the last 25 years, the very reason for the existence of evening colleges, said Bhawna Pandey, an Economics teacher and Public Information Officer of the college.

At last with decision by committee, the students won and their interests were given prominence. Ram Lal Anand College and Deshbandhu College of DU already have two morning colleges each. Both the colleges used to have an evening college earlier. With the decision, Dyal Singh Evening College become third evening college of the university which has earned the distinction of a ‘morning college’. Dr Sharma informed that the the college as of now will hold classes in the “Morning College Bhawan” but its own construction of a four floor building is underway.

– Prachi Agarwal



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