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Dyal Singh College, Delhi University has not been Renamed

The ministry of Human Resource Development clarifies that the name of Dayal Singh College (evening), affiliated to University of Delhi will not be renamed.
The HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said, that strict actions will be taken against the management committee of the college for attempting this act, without any permission or approval from HRD Ministry.

According to the media report, Mr Javadekar clears the there wasn’t any such confirmation from the ministry to change the original name of the college. The ministry earlier also asked the management to reconsider the move.

There are two colleges named as ‘Dayal Singh College’. They can be called Dayal Singh College- ‘A’ and ‘B’ or ‘1’ and ‘2’, but its original name will remain the same.

It’s been reported that the college management quietly changed the name of the college from ‘Dayal Singh College’ to ‘Vande Mantram Dayal Singh College’, with putting banners and internal records on the new name.

The name change controversy erupted last year and still, the issue is alive to get resolved.

Although, the ministry and the University of Delhi have clarified that the name of the college hasn’t been changed.

~Niharika Sonkar


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