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Delhi University will remain close due to the lockdown announced by the government. The teaching process is shifted to the online mode and the exams were posted till further notice by the University. There is also a proposal to have an online examination this year. However, DUTA is not happy with this proposal of online examination. (DU Online Exams 2020)

DUTA (Delhi University Teachers Association) has given a number of suggestions that can be taken in force during this pandemic of the novel coronavirus. DUTA has given ideas to the Delhi University grants commission before it comes out with some particular rule regarding the academic schedule of Delhi University.

According to DUTA, the University should shift this year to the annual mode with the adjustment in the course work. University has already shifted the teaching process into an online mode which is a highly beneficial step during this lockdown. This step will engage students. Meanwhile, no educational institution is able to find a substitute for practical/fieldwork education. In some streams like science, practical is must and without practical these streams are incomplete. If the examination would be held online this year then it will definitely not be a fair examination for all the students.

Testing the students on the basis of online learning is completely a bad idea. Some students are in the villages where there is no internet access, students had not carried their laptop with them, the typing speed of every student is not same if the students were asked to record a video clip of each question then the students who are good at writing but not in speaking will not gain great marks.

Vinay Gupta suggests that eight questions will be sent to the students and they have to answer four of them. According to the professor, they were not allowed to repeat any of the eight questions asked to the previous student. So if a department has 2000 students and each student has to be given a choice of eight questions then the professor has to prepare 16000 questions which are practically impossible. (DU Online Exams 2020)

Ruling out the suggestion of the online examination. DUTA in a meeting on 13 April, suggested that as soon as we overcome this pestilence and when the University will reopen only then examinations should be allowed to take place. After completing the remaining teaching days, Internal Assessment only then exams would be feasible. The priorities should be given to third-year students.

~Neha Dhingra

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