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The Delhi High Court has given a thumbs-up to Delhi University’s election which was scheduled today.The final verdict is that to declare the results for the post of president for which the counting of votes will be done for tomorrow.

The order came on the plea by the university seeking its changes of 8th September interim order by which it gave permission to National Student’s Union Of India(NSUI) presidential candidate Rocky Tuseed to contest the election but he told the officials not to declare the results for the post of the president.

The order came after the university contented that partial counting willn’t be possible as the whole process has been conducted through Electronic Voting Machine(EVM) which consists of a single unit.

According to Justice Indermeet Kaur, “the result for the post of the president will be declares as per the schedule.The outcome of the election result will be subject to the outcome of this main petition”. The high court had a gap of this order on September 8 allowed by Mr.Tuseed to contest the elections while keeping aside the September 7 order of Delhi University Chief Election Officer. The petitioner (Tuseed) is permitted to participate in the election of the DUSU for the post of President. He is also permitted to to campaign for the said post. The result of the election will, however, not be declared, it will be kept in a sealed cover. Subject to the final outcome of the writ petition, final result will be declared,” it had then said.He even said that He said that partial counting was not possible in the machine and it will not be able to complete the counting and the election process.

The court made in mind that the plea wasn’t supposed by Mr.Tuseed’s Counsel.The case was filed through advocate Nikhil Bhalla and Harsh Bawa who challenged the decision to reject his nomination for the post of president.
Earlier the court had posed searching questions to Delhi University for rejecting the nomination of the congress affiliate NSUI’s presidential candidate.

The petitioner says he was warned by Shivaji College and it was not a disciplinary action which this court is finding to be true. I don’t understand how can it be a disciplinary action. By no stretch of imagination, it can be put as a disciplinary action,” the judge had said.The court had also said that Delhi University was “stigmatizing” the student by rejecting his nomination. The petition was opposed by DU saying it was not maintainable and the university has been wrongly made a party.

– Aashima Gupta


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