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Priyanka Chhawri, vice-president of DUSU and a member of the ABVP, issued a permission letter to Nanu Girls PG with a letter head having DU Logo. The letter reads: “DUSU hereby authorises Nanu Girls PG to promote their respective PG accommodation within north campus. They are allowed to distribute pamphlets.” “The admission process takes a long time. To get a hostel is a long process too. Since I was getting a lot of queries about good accommodation, this is my way of helping. After seeing the cost package and affordability factors, I allowed this PG to distribute their pamphlets,” said Chhawri.

“This is the first time such a thing has been done by a student’s body. The students union is not authorized to give such permissions. How can a university recommend a private accommodation?”, said an official.  He also added that “Strict action should be taken against the Union member for misusing the name of DUSU for endorsing a private accommodation and misleading the aspirants”

Meanwhile, NSUI gets a chance to target ABVP. NSUI state President Akshay Lakra said that this is the “sheer misuse” of the union position. He also added that during University elections they demanded for more hostels for students, and now they are endorsing private PGs. Chawri, said that NSUI always ignore important issues. She denied the allegations by saying that she did this to help “women Students” coming from outside Delhi.”The PG owners came to me asking permission to promote themselves in North Campus following which I issued them a letter. I found them really affordable for freshers,” she said. Other DUSU officers said that they were unaware of such a thing.

-Prachi Agarwal


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