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The week was filled with ugly fights and drama. The Delhi University Vice-Chancellor (DU V-C) Yogesh Tyagi’s and Pro-Vice-Chancellor had a public display of anger. This power tussle made the Ministry of Education intervene.

The ministry considers taking harsh steps against the vice-chancellor. Options include seeking his resignation through a forced leave. The extreme case scenario would be to fire him from the job by raising the General Clauses Act.

A Central University V-C can be removed from its post under the General Clauses Act, 1987. It can be used when the varsity act does not possess the power to do so. The appointing authority is appointed under Section 16 and gives the power under any regulation or central act to “suspend or dismiss any person appointed”.

Previously, the government used the act to fire Sushanta Dattagupta in 2016, the former Visva-Bharti V-C.

DU: Ministry Of Education Overturns VC’S Decisions, Executive VC Restored

Sources said that the ministry of education tried to make a case against Tyagi removal earlier too. The ministry considered it when Tyagi failed to fill the faculty posts lying vacant for years even after multiple reminders. His handling of the teacher’s protest last year wasn’t even satisfactory. The ministry source said that the DU V-C has to make it clear that the ad-hoc can teach until the permanent staff is selected but he clarified after being forced by the ministry.

An anonymous former ministry officer pointed out that Tyagi rarely used to do any work in the office. He described the term as inactive. The government got a firm reason for dismissal after the ugly drama this week. The ministry source added that his ill-health was considered as a potential excuse and many discrepancies were ignored. But the ministry cannot tolerate the ill-behavior of the vice-chancellor. The week was extremely embarrassing due to him.

Regarding the appointment of a new registrar, DU V-C Tyagi went head to head with the Pro V-C PC Joshi on Wednesday. However, on Thursday Tyagi’s contentions were declared invalid for the post of Registrar and he would be removed from the post. The government ordered strictly to brushoff him.

P C Jha, Registrar appointed by Tyagi wrote to the ministry. He is the Director of South Campus. He added that the post is only based on an interim arrangement. Citing the Ministry’s letter, he said it’s addressed to Shri Vikas Gupta as the registrar of Delhi University.


He added that Tyagi had taken the step after due consideration of the Act, Statutes, and Ordinances of the DU. Tyagi appointed Dr. Geeta Bhatt as the Pro V-C in place of Prof P C Joshi.

Tyagi wasn’t doing well for a considerable amount of time. He was admitted to AIIMS on July 2nd. Until then P.C Joshi was made in charge of V-C from July 17th, 2020.

Tyagi’s term is meant to end in 5 months. Thus, for the appointment of a new DU-VC, a search committee is to be made. The Executive council plays a huge role as it picks a few names from within the council. It is to be noted that the Registrar is the secretary of the Executive Council.

Faculty members agree that Tyagi took no action in his tenure. He is characterized as inefficient.

EC member Rajesh Jha metaphorically said that Tyagi has been on leave right from the beginning. Member of National democratic Teachers’ Front, A K Bhagi said that there has been no academic growth in the year. There were no promotions or fresh appointments. The posts were left vacant for a long time.




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