DU to develop a Mobile App or Website for Semester Exams


Delhi University Semester Exam 2020 to be held online, DUCC roped into developing exam online exam platform.

Delhi University has decided to hold the annual semester exams online. As the lockdown due to COVID-19 is extended until 3rd may,  According to a news statement carried by Times of India website, the university is planning to hold semester exams for all its students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate grade programmes online. The committee is trying to find all the possible outcomes to take semester exams as soon as possible. Delhi University will take online exams this year for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

DU to develop a Mobile App or Website for Semester Exams.

Last year during the students’ protest against fee hike. JNU had also attempted online examination through Email / WhatsApp However, the move came under severe criticism among students and academics correspondent.

Delhi University said that they might develop an affectionate smartphone application to hold the exams and are also considering developing a dedicated website where all students can log in using their University Roll Number to appear for the examination. 

The Delhi University Examination website will be designed in such a way which will be easy to understand to the beginners. Exams will be taken via Email or WhatsApp where students will be shared a set of questions and they will have to submit their answers in return with a particular time limit.

UGC approval awaited for Delhi University Online Semester Exam.

According to media reports, the varsity has Delhi University Computer Centre to build the online exam platform to perform semester exams in an online layout.

According to Dr. Vinay Gupta, Dean of DU’s Examination centre” the university officials have already started initial preparations for Conduct the of the exams online, the varsity is still foreseeing UGC approval for the same.”

In such a difficult situation it is a big challenge for the university to take exams. Mostly exams of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester take place in 1st week of May but this pandemic leaves no capacity for universities to hold in the individual examination for all the students. During such times, online exams remain the only way out for universities. 

However, the final decision is still pending. It can only be taken after the committee’s report. The online exam will be held only after the necessary guidelines and approvals are provided by UGC and MHRD.

~Gunjan Dhingra

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