DU Students Write their Life Problems on Answer Sheets


It is really scorching hot outside which leads to have effect on performance of students to write exam .

Delhi University’s faculty members are having a tough time evaluating the answer sheets of School of Open Learning (SOL) students since many of them have poured their hearts out on the copies. From blaming the university authorities for conducting exams in the scorching heat, which had affected their performance.

Dear Vice-Chancellor Sir, please don’t conduct the examination in this scorching heat as it makes us feel lazy and hampers our performance,” wrote a third-year BA (H) students in the political science answer sheet.

Similarly, another third-year student narrated her personal problems while responding to a serious geopolitical question. “Sir/Ma’am, I like a boy who lives near my place and wants to marry me. If you won’t pass me in the examination I will not be able to marry him. Please help me,” she requested.

SOL is school of open learning . The school offers undergraduate/postgraduate degree courses in the subjects of Arts/Humanities and Commerce.
Courses offered by school are

Undergraduate Level

B.Com (program)B.Com (Hons.)B.A. (program)B.A. English (hons)B.A.(Hons) Political Science

Postgraduate Level

M.A. History, Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science, M.Com

According to teachers, evaluation of such answer sheets has become a task for them. “How would you feel if you are checking an answer copy and suddenly the student starts narrating his or her love life and family problems instead of answering the given question?” asked a political science professor at DU.

And it is not limited to SOL students. Several teachers also complain of finding such answers in the copies of regular students. “I was shocked when I came across an answer sheet full of abusive words while evaluating the copies of third-year History Honours students,” said a History professor.

Rajesh Jha, a professor at Rajdhani College, said: “Such instances show the failure of our education system. There is a huge gap between the patterns of our school and college education. While we teach students to write precise answers in schools, the college pattern of writing lengthy answers eventually leads them to write anything just to fill the sheets.”

By- Jyoti Munjal


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