DU students might not be able to give online exams, poor connectivity issues as per a survey

DU exam round 2
source : indian express

Reportedly many students have not attended the online classes taken by universities and teachers. Around 72.2% of students mentioned poor connectivity to be the reason for their inability to access online classes.
Whereas 11.6 % held “financial incompatibility” to be the reason. In addition to this 7.6 % and 8.3% cited household chores and other reasons.
This survey was conducted by AISA and they will submit the report and the findings to the vice-chancellor of DU very soon.

As per the survey of the DU students conducted by AISA (All India Students’ Association), 75% of students have raised their inability to be able to take these online examinations.
An online survey was conducted among
This survey was conducted among 1,500 students of various colleges od DU on conducting examinations online by the left student organization.
According to the survey finding, 44.4 percent of students said that their college was conducting online classes, 37.7 percent of classes were only being held for a few subjects and 17.9 percent claimed their college was not holding online classes.
As per the surveys
⦁ 22.4 percent of students surveyed were able to attend all online classes
⦁ 42.4 percent who said they were only able to attend a few classes
⦁ 41.2 percent of students were not able to attend any of the classes

Also, 28.8 % of students of DU said they had access to e-notes and online study material.
54.5 % of students reported the reasons for inavailability / inaccessibility of notes because they were provided only by few teachers and not by all.
even 23.4 % said that the material provided was not in the medium of language of examination. 9.9 %said teachers were not providing the study material at all, whereas 12.2 percent cited other reasons.

The survey reports also found that only 67.6% of students had access to laptops/computers/smartphones to take up these exams whereas 74 % expressed an issue to take these exams as they will be online and that too for 3 hours continuous.

“We will submit our report so that the administration can see that what they are planning to (online exams) is not feasible for students. We also hope that this will lead to some dialogue between the students, university administration, and MHRD, which is the only way in our minds to look for solutions which will benefit students,” as per Vice-President Damini Kain of AISA DU unit.



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