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Source: The Kathmandu Post

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for students, who have been struggling with exams, online classes, and admissions. Many, however, modified the situation into an advantage for them to entertain in noble causes. DU Students have done everything, from supporting fresher’s looking for admission to the college, to battling for the positions of hostel workers, and going out to lend some helping hands for those deprived because of Coronavirus. On October 15, World Students Day, some Delhi-based college students share how they figured out how to direct a few thoughtful gestures in the pandemic year.

An LLB student, at Faculty of Law, DU, Amisha Nanda, helped 16 multi-tasking staff and contract workers of Ambedkar-Ganguly Students House for Women to regain jobs. Reviewing her effort to get the hostel workers their job back, she says that it begins with an online petition to gather attention to the matter. She wrote to several commissions, workers unions, and ministries and even attempted to circulate the word on social media with an SOS plea and a video where the employees put forth their complaint so that other people can help them.

She further mentioned that their termination by the authorities was illegal, so they agreed to move the court and the employees did have a physical protest in mind. However, the court decision was in the favour of employees. They have just organized their privilege to help them.

People donate smartphones to help Delhi students Missing online classes

Sanjay Kataria, who has been engaging in charity work around the campus during the pandemic. He has been running to convey essentials to rickshaw pullers nearby. The once energetic grounds currently lies dull as it anticipates students to return. Also, the rickshaw pullers here have been the foundation of grounds life. There are no words to portray the bond students have created with them over years. In this way, he takes out a couple of hours consistently to purchase fundamental food things and clothes for these rickshaw pullers bhaiyas.


Helping DU aspirants confronting the overwhelming assignment of online admission, a Hindu College student, Manmohan M, says he realized how DU Students were feeling overpowered because of high cut-offs and complete online strategy for admission, this time. Along these lines, he decided to offer his number for guiding them, to comprehend their difficulties. It’s very tedious to enable the freshers to fight these issues as they are embraced #campuslife on totally different occasions. Now and then these youngsters reveal to him how agitated they feel with how things are going.



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