What Do DU students Usually Do After Graduation?


Farewell is indeed that time of the month when final year undergraduates are celebrating their final assessments and farewell. Dates of scribble day are finalized, forms for masters are being filled or in some cases, job offers are being signed. What are your options?

1. Internships

Can’t find a good job due to lack of experience? Internships are the best way to crack good positions at companies and earn experience while getting trained. Many internships are paid as well. One can easily score an internship using platforms like Internshala or attending internship fairs.  Internships can be work from home and mostly come with a time span of 3 or 6 months depending on the organization.

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2. Job At MNC

Still confused about which masters to go for? Joining a job immediately after graduation is very often suggested when one wants to “explore” his options. When one launches himself directly into the corporate environment, it becomes easy to network and research more as to what fields and opportunities lie abundant and what degree can they further pursue according to their best interests.

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3. Join a Start-Up

Is the normal 9-5 out of the question and boring? Joining a startup immediately puts you in a very demanding role with a really creative environment. You are open to experiment with new ideas and present them directly to your immediate bosses. You actually contribute to some action rather than wasting yourself in some excel sheet or telephone calls.

4. Masters

Not happy with the salary packages being offered at the graduate level? Nothing boosts your eligibility for any job compared to a master’s degree. And deciding which master’s degree to go for is the trickiest of all. You have MBA in marketing, finance, event management, business management, risk management and I could go on and on. Let’s not even begin to list the MA courses Delhi University offers. Are you planning to crack some DU Entrance Exams? You can also pursue correspondence masters from DU SOL.

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5. Short Term Courses

Plan to wait for a little while but can’t afford gap year? Go for a short-term course in ticketing, foreign languages or media etc. to build up some extra skills before you go for interviews. Certificate /Short-term courses at DU really add to one’s resume. You can also do various diploma courses where eligibility fits.

6. Drop / Gap Year

Can’t make up your mind? A gap year is often the choice of young graduates who can’t lock their mind on one thing or have to prepare for entrance exams. The gap year is usually filled by travelling abroad or by excelling on some hobbies attention to which was long overdue. It is often characterized by the expression “on a break”. And is by far the best way to rejuvenate and reinstall the energy in oneself.


7. Become Self Employed

Hitting the adventure tracks? When neither working under someone nor studying further sound interesting, people usually “start-up”.  All is you need is a good idea and even better funds (or angel investors).  If you have anything that you can sell, right now is the best time to experiment and adventure. After all, what is there to lose?

8. Social Volunteer

Got a calling from conscience? After three years in college, especially DU, except education one becomes well versed with the social issues that our society still faces and often people start to work for the service of mankind. One can join NGOs or clubs like Rotary Club or can even associate with political parties NSUI (Congress), ABVP (BJP) etc. to bring about the changes that we all wish to see.

9. Freelance

Can’t commit? Freelancing is basically working on contract basis. Jobs or internships bind someone to work with them with their hours and deliverables etc. but when freelancing, one is free to choose their boss with each project. For e.g., as a freelance web designer, you can first build a website for one company, then go to another etc.

10. Prepare for Government Exams

IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, LIC AOO, and UPSC: – if these resembled some jumbled alphabets, I can assure you that you aren’t considering government jobs as a career choice. Government jobs are probably the most comfortable jobs with less over time and so many perks. Indian Railways and RBI Grade B Examination are also top career gateways masses run after.

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11. Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Except hurriedly running into jobs, masters, there’s another important thing one should do after graduation: ‘TRANSFORM’.  The college has been amazing and if your Instagram account still has those “I am so drunk” posts, I am sure, privacy settings need to be revisited. This is the best time to clean up your accounts since companies also track them to judge your suitability for a job. Furthermore, this is also the time to say goodbye to negative people and fill your life with things you love.

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~ Divya Singal


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