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The Central Placement Cell (CPC) of the University of Delhi provides placement assistance, counseling for employment, and self/Social entrepreneurship to the students. By making University infrastructure available to the companies, the Central Placement Cell of the University of Delhi ensures logistic support to the visiting companies at every stage of the placement process.

The CPC of the Delhi University helps students to select their careers and provides suitable jobs and internships ones the students are done with their studies. However, many seminars and workshops are also conducted by CPC to enable the students of the University of Delhi to become successful professionals.

Design Training (Creative and Innovation for Excellence)
On 29 May 2020, an online Webinar via Zoom is conducted by the Central Placement Cell of the University of Delhi on Design Training. The objective of this training is INSIGHT, INSPIRE, INNOVATE. This webinar is free of cost and opens for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students who will join this webinar will also be given an E- Certificate by the Central Placement Cell of Delhi University.

A Brief about Design Training:
Design Thinking (DT) is all about effectively innovate and internalize it. It enables one’s to use the special feature in humans that is creativity. We can say that DT is a tool, which allows even the staid traditionalist to orient towards developing new, innovative solutions to complex problems.

It is human-centered creativity with a purpose. It expresses the inherent, sometimes dormant, human quality of value innovation. Therefore, worldwide it is being comprehended as the ‘mantra’ for value addition and growth. The unique ability to bring in the factor of empathy in the team/group work as a starting point towards ideating, prototyping, testing, and executing, is exemplary.

The workshop proposes by the Central Placement cell is intended to acquaint the students with Design thinking methods and practices, critical aspects of idea generation as well as Design issues, and their relevance in the modern context. Participants will engage with the Design-thinking process and its methods so that they become aware of techniques, which if pursued further, can make them highly skillful assets in their professional
Central Placement Cell’s current focus for disseminating knowledge is a webinar based on off-set the constraints posed by the COVID 19. They propose online workshops to provide an overview of each aspect of Design Thinking in a quick take away form.

The registrations for the online webinar will begin from 2 September 2020, Monday. For registrations students can visit and they can register online. This webinar is totally free of cost for first and second years undergraduate courses and for first-year postgraduate courses.




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