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Following questions based on inputs received from stakeholders and concerned persons with OBE mode of examinations have been summarised related with Mock Test conducted by the university on 04.07.2020 based on guidelines as issued by examination branch on 28.06.2020 which is available on university official website

List of questions related to Mock Test are:-

1 Not able to download the question paper

As such difficulty is not possible as a basket of question papers is available on the portal.
There is a possibility of not downloading question papers due to the following issues.
1) students may be searching their specific question papers that are not in the basket.
2) students may be finding their question papers based on UPC as applicable in examinations that are not in the basket.
3) Students may be searching with titles of subject/courses which is not in the system. Based on the above facts, students may be advised by all concerned that this is purely a mock test and any sample paper may be used for writing and can take any paper of choice.

2 A timeout error occurs most of the time

The query above can only be seen in the operational knowledge of users. If any user who is working on the system on the dashboard module (which is in the case of any work-related with the assessment) and continues with a long time and does not move further then automatically the window applicable shuts down. Therefore, users may be advised to follow the system generated message to avoid such problems.



3 Not able to access it on phone

This is very much accessible on the phone as we visit on all websites or portal. The mobile must be loaded with the internet and downloading features. Around, 68% of users who have registered for OBE examinations to be conducted remotely during Mock tests by using mobile devices. Accordingly, users/students may be advised to enter the correct name of the portal as notified by the examination branch and are available on the university website and also to check the internet and other requirements.

4 It is taking 10-15 minutes to open the site

There may be a possibility due to multiple users visiting multiple times without concluding activities. Users may be advised to check their position of the internet while visiting the site/portal of examinations and all messages and information at the particular button and activities must be read out before moving to the next activity.

5 It is taking too long for log in

It may be possible due to deficiencies in the data required for visiting the portal. The possibility of poor connectivity from the guest side (in this case, users) and also the heavy rush. Students may be advised to wait some time and can take further as the Mock test will continue another three days I.e up to 08.07.2020 and any session can be used. The mock test is not subject/ course/programs specific, students may be finding their courses or programs or paper which are not mapped for the mock test as through the mock test, the objective is to check and to facilitate students to know about procedures.

6 I am hoping, subjects would be clearly mentioned on the final day of examinations

Students may be advised and assured that on the day of examinations, all question papers shall be available with UPC as mentioned in the date sheet. All students appearing for the particular session shall be mapped with their examination forms and as per courses/papers opted in examination form, they will be given question paper and the same will be available to access by the respective students. In this case, inputs, as given by students in examination forms, are important and only the paper which has been mentioned in examination form can be accessed by students


7 Students are not getting OTP

In this case, it may please be noted that due to unmatched data as filled by students in the examination form and the dashboard, the system will not respond. Accordingly, students/users may be advised to enter the required information when visiting the portal as per information filled in the examination form. There may be a possible error due to the change in mobile no or e-mail which has been filled in the examination form. They may further be advised in this case to register with the new e-mail I’d as the message is also available at the place where students start their activities for login.

8 No confirmation mail is being received after the submission

This is not applicable for the mock test as per guidelines. Confirmation shall be received by students in the examination as they will appear as per the scheduled date of examinations. During examinations, when students submit/uploaded their answer scripts, they will receive confirmation. If they send their scripts through e-mail as notified by the examination branch, no confirmation shall be sent. They should be advised to keep their file as sent through e-mail with their possession in soft versions.

9 The issue of CAPTCHA is also not very good to work

Students may be advised that captcha provides safety and stops further hacking. This is system generated and no human intervention is permitted. Sometimes, reading the word under captcha becomes difficult and consequently, the system doesn’t become able to respond die the wrong captcha.

10 On the day of examinations, we will have to search from so many papers or it will be easy to find
On the day of examinations, students shall get their question paper after login, and accordingly, they can download the question paper.

11 Uploading answer sheets are very time consuming

Uploading of answer sheets have to be done as per file and individual answer sheets against a question no. as available on the portal. One hour has been given additional time for downloading question papers and uploading answer sheets. Students may be responded accordingly.

12 There is no timer for students to keep track of time

There is a timer placed at the time of downloading question papers. Students may be advised to see at the time of downloading question papers and works like clock.

13 we have to upload four PDF and the limit is 5mb

No this is not correct. On the uploading table, there are options for uploading each answer sheet against various numbers. For each question paper, students can upload one file of 5mb and multiple files can be uploaded. It can be understood in this way, a student can upload multiple files of 5mb against each question. This information is available at the table where students have to upload answer sheets.


14 Instructions of Five hours for students are not mentioned in question papers

Question papers bear the general information. Five hours have already been notified through the notification and the same is available on the university website. Accordingly, all students belonging to the PWD category who have registered for OBE mode have been mapped in the system and the time of five hours has been licked for them to log out for examinations. These students may be responded based on information as per notification issued by the examination branch dated 04.06.2020, 22.06.2020, and 29.06.2020.

All the above responses are based on activities related to examinations in OBE mode. There are other questions but the sense applies the same. Students may be advised to follow instructions available at the portal and the specific message at each step. Perhaps, the method adopted by the principal, Dr. Promila Kumar as shared in the principals’ exam group yesterday may be adopted by all if finds appropriate to understand the process and accordingly to help students further.


“Truly embarrassing to see one of our premier universities issues a Q and A, which is a model of how not to write. Can’t the University of Delhi administration get a professor to read such documents before these are released?”
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“As such the Dean, Examinations of #delhiuniversity provides proof that he blames students for the incapacities of the university administration. Gaslighting comes to mind. Except the students know that the university administration is incompetent & uncaring.” #DUOpenBookExams

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