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Source: The Washington Post

DU New Curriculum: Under the implementation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework or UGCF beginning from 2022-23 academic sessions made a huge change for teachers. English teachers have a continual fear of losing their job. Besides, in February the University Executive Council (EC) give the approval for UGCF formulation as per NEP 2020. 

Several English teachers who have been providing their years in university in teaching with devotion are now living in fear. Earlier, numerous teachers showed their resentment towards the DU new curriculum. Moreover, dissenters said Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) are offered in languages (included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution) but it doesn’t include the English language. Therefore, UGCF set off the English department. 

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Massive Reduction of English Teachers

UGCF leads to a reduction in English department teachers. As a result, teachers’ workload will reduce to almost 40 percent, which is a huge decrease. It’s all because of the removal of English from AEC.

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Furthermore, one of the English teachers said, “I have been teaching in the DU English Department since 2010 on an ad hoc basis. However, the college I’m teaching at is a science college. So the workload is primarily on the AEC paper. But giving my precious 12 years, now I’m living in fear.” The teacher added, “What will be done for teachers like me who have provided their years to the university in the hope of being permanent faculty?”

Teachers’ conditions to worse in Lady Irwin, and more

The colleges like Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Institute of Home Economics, GGS College of Commerce, Lady Irwin College, Rajguru College of Applied Science, and more do not offer BA Program or BA English (Honors). Therefore, as per Rudrashish Chakraborty, a Professor at KMC, the condition of English teachers will get worse in these colleges. 

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Chakraborty said, “Removal of English from AEC destroys the hope of being permanent teachers. All this is done systematically, to curtail the ad hoc teachers. Consequently, the teachers who have given their eight to ten years to the university are in fear.”




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