DU LLB Exams Postponed 2024: Students and Teachers Outraged

DU LLB Exams Postponed
DU LLB exams postponed suddenly, outraging students and teachers

DU LLB Exams Postponed 2024: Students and Teachers Outraged

DU LLB exams postponed from July 4 to July 18, sparking outrage among students and teachers. Discover why this sudden change is causing major disruptions.

Delhi University (DU) has postponed its final semester LLB exams from July 4 to July 18. This decision has sparked outrage among students and teachers.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Reason for Postponement

      • The administration cited low student attendance.
      • Two weeks of remedial classes will be provided to help students meet attendance requirements.

Immediate Impact

      • Exams for the second, fourth, and sixth semesters were cancelled on July 3.
      • Many students and teachers were surprised and frustrated by the sudden change.
      • Students’ academic plans have been significantly affected.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Official Statements

      • Prof. Anju Vali Tikku, Head of the Law Department, mentioned the postponement was ordered by the Vice Chancellor.
      • The administration offered remedial classes to ensure students met the minimum attendance requirements.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Student Reactions

      • One student expressed astonishment, noting typically 200 to 300 students with low attendance face a year back and retake exams later.
      • This is the first time remedial classes have been announced, impacting the future of 9,000 students for the sake of 250.
      • Students aiming for LLM admissions and those with foreign university offers will face significant disruptions.
      • Cancelled tickets and admission delays are among the anticipated issues.

Long-term Concerns

      • The decision has led to widespread dissatisfaction.
      • “This move sets a new precedent,” a student said. “In the future, students with low attendance might regularly demand for remedial classes.”
      • The academic session will be affected, with exams now scheduled to begin on July 18 and run until August 9.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Concerns About Integrity

      • The rescheduling has raised concerns about academic integrity.
      • Some students are considering legal action in response to the university’s abrupt changes.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Official Notice

      • Hours before the LLB exams were about to start on Thursday, Delhi University’s Faculty of Law released the notice.
      • The notice, issued late Wednesday, informed students of the postponement. They have not cited any reasons.
      • VC Yogesh Singh mentioned an attendance shortage for some students. He speculates this could have led to the loss of a year for them.
      • “Considering all aspects, I have instructed the Faculty of Law to continue classes for two more weeks. The exams will be held from July 18, 2024” he added.

Student Inconvenience

      • Parichay Yadav (24), a term 2 LLB student stated, “It is inconvenient when the exam gets cancelled like this. But at this point, we do not know what has happened or why they have postponed the exams.”
      • “Now many students will have to cancel their tickets. They had booked to go home after the end of exams. We have no idea for how long the exams will be postponed,” he added.

Background Context

      • The postponement of the exams comes close on the heels of protests over alleged irregularities in NEET-UG and the cancellation of UGC-NET exams.

DU LLB Exams Postponed: Summary

The sudden decision to postpone the DU LLB exams has caused significant disruption. Students and teachers are outraged, questioning the university’s decision-making process. The announcement of remedial classes for attendance improvement is unprecedented. It has also raised concerns about academic integrity. Many students’ academic and personal plans have been thrown into disarray. Many students are considering legal action against the abrupt changes. The situation highlights the challenges faced by educational institutions in managing attendance and examination schedules.


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