Petition to Conduct DU Law Entrance Exam in Hindi: Impossible To Satisfy Everybody


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A student of Delhi University, Ayush Tiwari pursuing B.A.; aged 20 years went on to file a petition in Delhi High Court, in order to direct DELHI UNIVERSITY regarding the LLB Entrance exam which is thoroughly conducted in English. The petition highlights the issue and inconvenience faced by Hindi educated students who are forced to take the exam in English.

Meanwhile, all other competitive exams such as AIPMT, NEET(admissions for MBBS/BDS courses) are conducted in Hindi and English, the latter include 9 other languages spoken in India.

The same trend is followed in other exams too like JEE exams (engineering colleges such as NIT &IIT) are conducted in English, Hindi and Gujarati (regional).

On the other hand, UPSC allows candidates to opt their medium of paper. Thus, an aspirant can select any of the language included in our Constitution for the UPSC (Mains) exam.

The different exams follow a different set of rules. Now, one can question the fact that UPSC(mains) exam include all 22 languages while preliminary exams include Hindi and English only.
Such difficult and different questions arise which are hard to answer.

Let’s get back to our point of discussion which is LLB entrance exam.There are several talking points –
• Paper is an objective one.
• As per University authorities, the examination will be conducted online.
• There are centres all over the country.

All these points sums up the fact that being a central university DU finds it hard to entertain or focus over a particular language, just because of its neighbour states or mass English speaking community in Delhi.

Eventually, the petition filed by Mr Tiwari is of no use as it was focused on including a single language, i.e Hindi. In an ideal state, the examination must be conducted in a way similar to UPSC(main) which includes all 22 languages.

Considering the semester exam of LLB course, some crucial points can be raised with regard to the medium of language to be followed. DU is a central university and students from all over the country are present. Therefore, the exams should be conducted in a different language, which is tough to practice and might give sleepless nights to the concerned authorities.

The issue must be handed to the Bar Council in order to dictate new guideline for the central universities, which favours each and every regional language and administrative aspects.

Althought we cannot deny the fact that conducting entrance exam in a single language is unfair. Hence, the petition though discarded can acts as an eyeopener for future cause as it highlights the shortcomings of our system.


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